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Instagram SEO Tips: How to Use IG Likes to Boost Marketing Efforts

MotoCMS Editorial 1 February, 2023

Social media are an essential part of brand marketing strategy nowadays. Without knowing the potential of your profile on Instagram, it is impossible to increase sales and promote your brand. Some people are still stuck in the past of IG, where they get cheap likes for Instagram pictures quickly only if they buy them, while the reality is that today it is not necessary at all if you don’t have enough budget for a high-quality purchase. With Instagram algorithm changes | 2023, there are many new ways to chiefs your business goals, and here are gathered top practical tips to do that.

Why Instagram Is Great For Your Sales

When we talk about social media optimization, the statistics say everything. Half of all Insta users follow brands on this platform. Over a billion people can see your product as it is or in the hands of a known influencer.

The biggest motivation and inspiration for many aspiring businesses is that this platform creates equal conditions for big corporations and small local brands to collect likes for Instagram and other impressions. Reaching and communicating with your potential audience through social media is much easier. However, you must know how to utilize the app properly to increase your ranking among competitors. Now let’s discover how to elevate your promotion to get more IG recognition, sales, and likes.

Be Active And Respond Quickly

One of the key aspects that help businesses thrive on Instagram is a quick response. This is the case when speed matters because users have access to similar products simultaneously. Sometimes, being slow in your communication drops you out of the competition. You should be there when your adherents need you.

Instagram intends to make this experience more comfortable for consumers and brands, too, so you can use automation tools that can help you engage in a conversation at once and maintain your visibility, providing more Instagram likes, recognition and sales.

However, be careful with automation because there is a thin line between healthy activity, user interest, and being obtrusive. The second option inevitably leads to failure. Keep that in mind.

Make Your Bio Useful

Another way to turn more people into your customers is to offer them the preliminary information and a direct link to your selling website to place it right in your bio. Along with SEO optimization, placing the link helps to keep users engaged and maintain their wish to explore and buy your product and bring your brand many likes for Instagram.

Use shortening and consolidating sites to make links shorter – this way. You can free some space for supporting text – a call to action, or a brief brand description, targeted at motivating potential customers to examine your profile, bring your IG hearts, and check out your product. It also frees up the space for the keywords you want to rank for.

Instagram SEO Tips

Make The Most Out Of Customer Service

To attract more users and make them want to give you Instagram likes and buy from your brand, you must show how good your customer service is. It is a matter of communication and reacting to stressful situations. Accidents and mistakes can happen to anyone at any stage of progress and establishment. In most cases, people are more interested in your reaction than the event itself.

Being honest and open to unsatisfied customers is a must-have, working for your reputation and bringing you many IG hearts. Use automation tools to create a comfortable way for users to express their problems and ask questions.

Well Known Scenario

For some time now, there has been a popular method for gaining likes for Instagram on brand profiles – not exposing the price of the shown product, engaging and making people ask for it in the comment section, and direct Instagram messages.

Statistics of engagement and impressions may be improved using this strategic method. Still, you have to understand that you are losing customers this way since many people don’t like asking additional questions. It is generally considered that the price has to be evident to the client at once – so they can decide quickly and have more options without taking extra steps.

Use Business Tools

Instagram offers a specific type of profile for brands – that has a vast range of valuable features:

  • You will get quick access to the critical metrics for your growth as IG likes, which is extremely helpful for controlling and adjusting your strategy;
  • Additional tools to improve the shopping process for your customers, like price tags for products, catalogs, and even payment options.

With these incredible functions, you can easily make Insta become the leading marketplace and channel for your product realization, also having a better understanding of the average customer’s needs and interests depending on what products receive the most Instagram likes. Use the provided opportunities to the full:

  • to make your marketing predictions more precise;
  • find the unnoticed holes in your tactics;
  • and become more specific and results-oriented in your strategies.

Create Diverse Content

IG has many formats of content to choose from, and you initially want to use them all to make a variety of visuals to impress your clientele and collect the maximum number of hearts for Instagram. Different types of posts can serve different purposes, thus making your brand profile more engaging and exciting for users. Here are the key types of content to use for brands on Insta:

  • Feed posts. The basics of the whole platform. Here you can post videos and photos accompanied by more extended captions and the possibility to maintain communication with the interested audience. Do not forget to add suitable hashtags to increase the chance of gaining more likes for IG.
  • Stories. The glorious form of posting helps to create a stronger bond with the target group using the concept of “spur of the moment” kind of content. Additionally, you can save your stories to Highlights – making the essential information appear at the top of your profile, right under the bio.
  • Reels. This app’s relatively new form of content resembles TikTok videos in their purpose. This one has already stolen millions of Instagram hearts. Short videos with trendy music are vital for the audience’s engagement and connection.
  • Live Streaming . This service helps to settle the communication with the target audience and works well for improving your reputation. In the form of real-time content, you can share facts and opinions about your brand, industry, or brand values.

Instagram SEO Marketing Tips

Be More Than A Shop

Today, it is hard to stay away from things that happen in the world, and brands that want to win Instagram likes and the attention of a bigger audience must be involved in life. Besides, product quality and brand values now determine an immense competition rate. For example, some brands take a course for the following:

  • using sustainable packages,
  • fair trade goods,
  • and vegan components to help the planet and society become better and make life more comfortable and progressive.

These initiatives will inevitably attract brand people who share the same values.

Another bad example is the war in Ukraine, which affected all kinds of brands. The question of supplying the aggressors with various goods has become reputational. Many respected and established corporations had withdrawn their products from Russia, unwilling to be a part of the genocide. This way, they have also improved their reputation among consumers from supporting countries which brought them many IG likes they deserved.


Instagram is a vast machine that is determined to keep users busy on the platform for as long as possible. Shopping is a highly time-consuming and engaging thing people spend their time on, so IG has become highly comfortable and practical for brands. With the help of social media optimization you will succeed in scaling your business online and increasing your revenues as well as likes for Insta.

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