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Happy Fourth! All Flash Templates $139

MotoCMS Editorial 5 July, 2013

Independence Day Promo on Website Templates

During these hot early July days people of the United States celebrate 237 years of freedom – Happy Independence Day, everyone! Today MotoCMS Team is back from holiday barbecuing and we wish you enjoyable and safe holidays.

Now here’s the deal. While you were engaged in picking up the last minute items for your barbecues, we were preparing a big surprise for you. Actually, even two surprises! Here they are:

Surprise #1

Because of the 4th of July, we are excited to announce a huge discount on ALL Flash templates from our collection! Starting today, July 5, 2013 till July 12, 2013, you can purchase ANY of the Flash templates for $139. You will save about $90 on each template – that’s a lot!

Grab the promocode below and get a Flash template you like with a sweet discount!


Copy the promocode above and paste it at the checkout page of our website to get the template for $139.

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Surprise #2

What’s even more exciting is that today MotoCMS.com officially announces the release of our new Moto CMS HTML templates that you can now purchase alongside with the good old Flash-based templates!

Now you can choose a beautiful and functional template for your online presence in a new templates section. Regardless of the type of the template – HTML or Flash – each one is a complete website with the advanced admin panel for website development and management. You will hardly be able to find something equally as powerful and beautiful for your online project as our products!

Browse Moto CMS Website Templates

* * *

We have made a short selection of HTML bestsellers for you – please take a look:

Stunning Interior Design Website Template

HTML Website Template for Music Project

Gorgeous Portfolio Created with HTML

Religious MotoCMS HTML Theme

Automotive Website Design by MotoCMS

Browse Moto CMS HTML Templates

Happy Fourth! Go celebrate and enjoy the holiday!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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