Important News: FlashMoto is changing its name to Moto CMS

MotoCMS Editorial 29 September, 2010

From the day of FlashMoto release, it managed to cause a sensation in the word of Flash technology and Flash website management. FlashMoto gave a dare to the existent solutions providing Flash developers, design studios, freelancers and non-technical users with the most powerful Flash content management system, as well as with original quality Flash CMS designs.

FlashMoto has already caught the fancy of many Flash developers and end users. But right now there is a crucial moment in the project development caused by the necessity to change our company name and URL in order not to violate the law, as the term ‘Flash’ is a registered trademark of Adobe Company. It was a busy period here, as we all were trying to think up a new name, and finally found out it!

On September 29th, is changing its name to

The new name no longer contains the word ‘Flash’, and at the same time it is still familiar to everybody. Of course, we all will be missing the old name, but we are sure that this change is only for better. Let’s make a quick retrospective journey into the history of our project.

MotoCMS was founded by Demetrio Fortman, a web professional and Flash developer by experience, in 2008 and launched in Open Beta in August 2009. Here is how the website looked like in the distant 2008:

September, 2009: An agreement with, a leading provider of web templates, was of great importance. With the help of Template Monster, we managed to create an amazing collection of ready-made Flash templates designed especially for Moto Flash CMS.

November, 2009: A standalone version of Moto CMS was released.

One of the really cool things we announced was the launch of multi-lingual control panel. At present Moto CMS is translated into 15 languages, among which are: German, Russian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc.

July 2010: Moto CMS version 1.2 was released. This new version caused a real commotion, as it included a lot of new asked-for features and improvements to make user’s experience more pleasant and invigorative. Some of the new features added are: control panel rebranding, under construction mode, control panel interface updates , the ability to set a website favicon, XML sitemap generator, etc.

In addition to that Moto CMS Team presented a new module – Flash Video Gallery that allows users to embed video files and sort them according to the galleries.

September, 2010: Another new invention was released – Flash Flip Book with WYSIWYG editor and CMS. Moto CMS presented a great variety of customization options and live preview for configuring Flash Flip book.

And with this new stage of project development we are also happy to launch a new website, fully redesigned and improved. As always, your suggestions, comments or questions are welcome!

Be on the lookout for a new update, with a killer Image Editor!

2 responses to “Important News: FlashMoto is changing its name to Moto CMS”

  1. Adcontrast says:

    Love the name, Love the Product, Love the service, Love the company!

  2. Adcontrast says:

    Love the name, Love the Product, Love the service, Love the company!

    Thank you from a valued customer

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