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How to Utilize Digital Tools to Enhance Your Project Management Strategy

MotoCMS Editorial 29 September, 2022

In today’s fast-moving global market, no business can remain static. And strategic projects are what keep a business dynamic, competitive, and resilient. And yet, an estimated 70% of projects fail, over 40% of companies still don’t see the need for adequate project management, and budget is deemed the main culprit of project failures. Luckily, the right digital tools can help boost your chances of success, prevent budget overrunning, and hone your company’s competitive edge. Level up your next project with the digital tools below.

Online Training Platforms

Thanks to the rise of EdTech tools and online training platforms, today’s businesses can access a vast range of high-quality, tailored training courses. These courses play a vital role in helping upskill the workforce, train new talents, and create a safer, more productive workplace.

The world of project management isn’t an exception. Thanks to online PMP certification training courses, you can equip your managers and heads of departments with the right skills and knowledge needed to lead your following process to success.

Project Management Tools and Workflow Apps

Your team is the absolute powerhouse behind each project, but managing the flow of ideas, energy, and talent isn’t always straightforward. Doing so in a way that optimizes efficiency and productivity is all the more difficult.

That is where comprehensive project management tools can help. Project management tools have been found to help teams increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve project strategy. Workflow apps allow you to organize your projects and teams in order to make the most of each team member’s human capital, knowledge, and skills. What’s more, the workflow apps available on the market today provide project managers with a wide range of tools and integrations that allow them to automate scheduling, accounting, and customer relationships.

Automation and Integration Software

According to a 2021 report by Zapier on the state of business automation, 66% of companies say that automation is vital for running their business, and 2 out of 3 knowledge workers report feeling more productive thanks to automation. In the case of SMBs, automation has played a significant role in helping business owners pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and compete with larger companies.

But how do you efficiently introduce automation in your next project? The best way is through software such as Google Workspace, Zapier, Mailchimp, MDM Software, and Trello. These affordable tools allow you to integrate several systems and automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, document creation, file organization, lead management, inventory management, and logistics.

Pro tip – integrate your CRM software with your automation software to manage your leads, customers, and target audience seamlessly.

Employee Time Tracking Tools

Employee management and time tracking tools can help companies give their employees the things that, according to a Gallup study, they want most from their next job. These include excellent work-life balance, improved personal well-being, and the ability to do what they do best. This is crucial to retaining your cultivated and trained talents, especially in today’s Great Resignation era.

But time tracking tools are just as essential to manage multiple types of professionals (including third-party service providers, consultants, contractors, and freelancers) who might participate in your project. And, of course, they can help you ensure that each contributor is paid fairly and according to the work done.

Digital Communication Tools for Project Management Strategy

The advent of remote work has given companies the unprecedented opportunity to tap into an infinite, global talent pool. But it has also presented new and unexpected challenges. When running your next project, allowing your in-house team to work from home and with a professional working remotely can reduce overhead costs, boost the productivity of the project’s contributors, and ensure scalability and versatility.

However, you’ll also face impaired collaboration, inefficient communication, and poor management. Investing in high-quality communication or collaboration tools can address all of these threats undermining your project’s success. Unsure which one to use? Slack, Trello, Asana, and ClickUp are among the most efficient. But don’t hesitate to try different options to find the one that better suits the nature of your project!

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