How to Make an Agriculture Website with Organic Design

MotoCMS Editorial 11 April, 2017

If you are already in the agriculture business you won’t be surprised to hear that approximately 2.6 billion people (almost 40% of the world’s population) depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

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Agriculture is an important source of income and the world’s largest business nowadays. Consequently, the competition is more than tough. What can you as an agriculture business owner do to be ahead of your rivals and increase the profitability of your business continuously? The answer is quite obvious.

You should go with the times and do your best to promote your business online to let the whole world know about it. It is the only effective way today not to fall behind. It will provide your business with the constantly growing stream of customers and thus the promising future.

MotoCMS can become your best source of agriculture website templates, and so, there will be no need to hire a web developer. You’ll definitely find the very theme that will perfectly suit your business among its awesome ready-made templates.

Organic farming, gardening, winery, poultry and dairy farming, feed and supplies and what not. Moreover, you need neither coding nor design skills. Even a beginner is able to make an agriculture website himself without a third-party help and turn his agriculture business into the most successful one.

How to Make an Agriculture Website

It is a common knowledge that the secret of your success lies in the qualitative product offered to your consumers. But the skill to showcase it to the wide audience and attract its attention is not less important for your profitability. Of course, we can’t teach you how to grow an enormous crop in no time or how to make your cattle breed in geometric progression.

But we can give you some useful advice on how to make a lucrative agricultural website to get a real benefit from your online presence and to increase the number of your customers significantly.

Determine Your Buyer Personas

It goes without saying that any great website has to revolve around its visitors.  That’s why the first thing to start with is to think out your buyer personas. Buyer (or marketing) personas are fictional, generalized portraits of your ideal customers.

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They will help you better understand the customers you are going to attract. Having a deep understanding of your buyer personas is a number one factor in customer acquisition and retention.

This knowledge will enable you to make a customer-centric profitable website. If you’ve already coped with this task, it is high time to use this information. Start creating your website that will give your visitors custom-tailored experiences.

Become a Hospitable Host

No one will deny that receiving guests is a kind of art. Any host tries to do everything to make his guests feel at home. You are the host on your website and your visitors are your welcome guests. That’s why you are to do everything for their comfort if you don’t want them to leave your website in no time.

The home page of your website is the most important one. According to the statistics, it gets more traffic than any other page. Consequently, use a feature-rich farm website builder to make it both attractive and informative.

To begin with, choose a ready-made template that will fully reflect the specific field of your agriculture business. Bear in mind that colors and color combinations always evoke a range of emotions. Web designers suggest choosing green, blue or orange for agriculture websites.

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On the one hand, many people associate them with your business sphere. On the other hand, according to the psychological research, blue represents trust, security, and stability. Orange shows friendliness and promotes people to take action. And green is the personification of wealth, health, tranquility and nature.

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Choose one dominant color as your brand color, one or two accent colors to create a color scheme for your website, and a background color to complete your design. Don’t forget that too much color can make your website look tacky and discourage your customers.

Choose fonts and sizes that are easy to read. If the text is too difficult to read, your visitors will just skip over it. Keep in mind that the part above the fold (visible without scrolling) should contain answers to the most important questions your customers may have. Provide your customers with the most relevant information.

Insert buttons “Read more” or “Learn more” for more detailed acquaintance with the content. Don’t try to fill every empty space with information. The eyes of your customers should travel from item to item easily without fuss. Use simple navigation not to confuse your visitors. And, of course, keep the content regularly updated.

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Creating your home page never forget that people’s attention span and patience are extremely limited. If you fail to grab your customers’ attention with your home page, you are most likely to lose them.

Make Your Business Easily Found

According to the Google research, 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. They are looking for your business address, business hours, product availability and directions. As a result, 77% contact a business making calls. 50% of mobile consumers and 34% of those on tablets and computers visit a business within a day of the local search.

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These numbers speak for themselves. You should make sure your consumers can easily get in touch with you. First of all, such items as “About us” and “Contact us” should be a part of your main navigation. This information is of vital importance. So, it should be accessible via the main menu. Don’t forget to place your contact information (your phone number, address, and email) in the footer.

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Secondly, it is a good idea to use Google Maps on your website. It will make it easier for customers to find your business. The route described by Google Maps is with high certainty the fastest and easiest. They will be also able to get the first impression of your business through pictures and Google Street View.

How to make an agriculture website - contacts

It will save the time of your customers and might be helpful for orientation when visiting the place in real life. At the same time, the use of Google Maps will provide you with better rankings in the web search. To put it simply, you get a higher visibility and more potential customers.

Give a Proof of Your Competence

It is not a secret that in their search for proper products a great majority of customers pay attention to testimonials and reviews of other customers. It is a simple psychology of almost any person making a choice. We prefer to rely on the opinion of people who have already tested the quality of the product before trying it ourselves. 78% of customers say that they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from acquaintances.

How to make an agriculture website - testimonials

It is a wise thing to place some testimonials of your customers and partners on your website. They are a real chance to make your potential customers believe that your business is worth their attention and to join the ranks of your loyal customers.

Have Something to Stand out in a Crowd

It’s not a simple task to stay unique when the competition is tough. Unfortunately, having a well-designed website is not a 100% solution of the problem. Your agriculture website should offer something that will make you different from your rivals. You should add zest to your website to get your online visitors engrossed.

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A page with unusual recipes concerning your products may become an effective solution. Large, professionally photographed food images with a step-by-step instruction of their preparation or video recipes can play two roles at the same time.

Firstly, they make your website a mouthwatering appeal for your visitors’ taste buds. They evoke pleasant feelings associated either with a delicious dinner in a favorite restaurant or home comfort. Secondly, they bring an educational component that is valued by a great number of people.

Get Your Agriculture Website Built Free

So, don’t waste your time on empty hesitations. Your own website is the very thing you need nowadays to let your agriculture business be successful and profitable. Start building it right now and increase the number of your customers and your income significantly.

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Launch any website template from MotoCMS at no charge, customize it with a user-friendly website builder and purchase a ready-made website with your changes when you are sure your project is ready for launch!
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