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How to Maintain Productivity When Running a Website Design Business

Bernadine Racoma 15 June, 2020

It can be extremely stressful to try to deal with business management overall. However, things can get even trickier when you consider the challenges that come with running a website design business focused on a site. It is all too common for some businesses to run dry when it comes to jobs, which can cause plenty of stress and anxiety about looking for the next customer to keep things afloat.


It can also be quite difficult to feel productive and take steps toward future-proofing a business when it feels like the odds are stacked against you. In the realm of web design, there always seems to be a demand, but it can sometimes feel like you are being left out. Fortunately, you have control over multiple aspects that could make or break your company. Here are just a few ways to maintain productivity vs efficiency when running a website design business.

The Right Plan is Worth Its Weight in Gold

One of the things that can happen when running such a business is that you can fall into the trap of complacency. While things are running smoothly, it is so easy to become complacent. It can become all too easy to react when specific issues happen, instead of proactively trying to get the job done. While the reactive strategy might work for large businesses and veterans of the industry, it can be extremely challenging for a website design business focused on web design.

website design business plan

When thinking about the right plan for your company, it is crucial to ask yourself exactly what differentiates you from the rest of the cloud. Is there a particular niche that you fill in the industry? If there is one thing you can choose that your company will be best known for, what would it be? If you cannot answer such questions, it is mandatory that you work toward finding the answer. Learning how best to articulate what you feel is best about your business will give you an edge over much of the competition – most of which are facing the same problems you presently deal with.

Ensure Your Website Design Business is Well-Protected

Another issue that can come from running a website design business based on web design is that many business owners can get complacent about the level of protection they need. Even if all you and your staff do is deal with matters of web design, it does not mean that someone cannot take advantage of a loophole and take you to court over a negligence claim. All it takes is a single mistake to cause a startup to fall flat.

Working toward a more productive business is all about covering your bases. For example, if you and your staff make use of company vehicles, commercial vehicle insurance is a must. No matter what type of business you run, liability insurance is crucial. There are plenty of other types of business insurance, but the ones mentioned are the ones most suited to keeping your website design business afloat. Ideally, matters of the court should not happen at all, but without the right protection, the smallest loophole can cause a company to falter.

On Matters of Marketing in Website Design Business

Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of running a web design business is maintaining an effective marketing strategy. You can do absolutely everything right. However, a lack of marketing will cause your company to disappear under competitors clamoring for the attention of your potential clients. Once those clients become comfortable with their choice of a web designer, there is very little chance that you could change their minds.

It is the reason why an effective marketing strategy is vital to the success and productivity of your business. That said, wanting to develop a marketing strategy and actually pushing through are entirely different things. To accomplish the latter, it would be ideal to articular what is best about your company and market it through reasonable platforms. For example, most social media platforms can provide you with an excellent means of marketing, and it is entirely free. Traditional marketing is also an option, but keep in mind that it can be expensive, and it can also be challenging to get the message across.

Tips to Boost Productivity Running a Website Design Business

While your company undoubtedly has it covered in matters of website design, it would still be a good idea to brush up on best-practice methods to help keep your skills razor-sharp. After all, the only time someone truly fails is when they feel like they no longer need to learn anything. A few tips to help boost productivity include:

Different Means of Visiting Your Website

Keep in mind that the website you design will likely be visited by people from all walks of life. Some will be using desktop PCs, some will be using laptops, while most will likely be using their phones or tablets to visit. Complicated designs and programs built for larger screens are not recommended, as most visitors will likely use phones or tablets. Make sure that your website is fully responsive and looks great on all devices.

fully responsive design

Keep Things as Simple as Possible

Keep in mind that it takes less than ten seconds for a visitor to figure out whether or not they want to keep searching around your website. It means that you have to build your site around the first impression. Keep things as simple as possible, and ensure that your message is loud and clear.

Keep Your Website Easy to Navigate

Even if you might have convinced a prospective customer to continue browsing your website. A complex design will only lead to a lack of traffic. While it is understandable that inspiration can sometimes push you to do incredible things, it would still be a good idea to keep things simple and easy to navigate.

There is no denying that running a website design company can be rough for inexperienced website design business owners. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about suffering through trial and error to get the job done. With the tips above, you can boost productivity without having to worry about being blindsided by unforeseen events.

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