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How to Create a CV that Rocks with MotoCMS CV Builder [Examples]

Allison Reed 27 April, 2020

Every person needs to know how to create a CV these days. Without any doubt, a CV belongs to the instruments that predetermine the modern career paths big time. That is why you need to know what to expect when you are browsing online in search of an answer to the question “How to write a good CV?”

how to create a cv

To cut the long story short, in this article, we will:

  • talk about the advantages of a professional CV;
  • touch upon the main tendencies of the modern job market;
  • demonstrate a few successful examples of CVs (for a nurse, a hairstylist, a bank teller, a housekeeper, a guest service representative, a singer, and an actor).

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading, you will get a few ideas on how to create a CV with the powerful CV builder quickly.

Why a Professional CV?

There are many advantages that come hand in hand with a good CV. Firstly, a CV is the most effective instrument to get noticed in the job market. Sending your CV to as many companies as possible usually brings much more results than the word of mouth or scanning newspapers for vacancies.

Secondly, a thoroughly prepared CV can help you assess your achievements in a more realistic way. When you see all the relevant professional information listed, you have two roads to take, figuratively speaking. You may feel more confident about yourself and the quality of services you provide. Or you might decide that you need some more training. Either way, a CV is what makes us better employees in the long run.

The CV of the 21st Century is a Landing Page

This being said, when compiling a CV, we need to keep up with the latest tendencies of the job market. On the one hand, the job market has already become global. People are hired regardless of their current geographical location. People get paid for working from home. People may never actually see their bosses offline. How great is that?

On the other hand, the job market is getting digital right in front of our eyes. Yes, a relevant educational background, solid job experience, and well-developed soft skills matter a lot and they will in the future. However, who would know that you fit the job requirements if your CV is poorly structured? Or more importantly – if it is available only in a traditional paper format?

In other words, a CV is slowly but surely transforming. It is not only a paper letter you send to prospective employers. It is also an attractive and professionally designed landing page. To create this page, you might need a resume builder. That is right, there is such a thing! And no worries, with the right online platform like MotoCMS and its best resume templates, your CV will look amazing no matter what you know about the web development.

So, it is an established fact that globalization has made this world smaller. As a result, you never know where a decent CV can take you. So, prepare to learn the secrets about how to write a good CV with the examples below!

Successful CVs: How to Create a CV with the Potential

Kelly Hensley – MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder Medical CV for Nurses

MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder Medical CV for Nurses


Basically, a CV is what makes your skills and professional experience visible to your prospective employers. That is why you should do your best when tailoring the short but yet impressive presentation of yourself. With the CV builder from MotoCMS, it is as easy as ABC. This builder is equipped with drag-and-drop functionality. So, you can add any content or edit the layout by simply moving around the pre-made blocks. Look at how easy it is to add a video to your Professional Experience section!

Lauren Davis – MotoCMS 3 Hair Stylist CV Landing Builder

Lauren Davis - MotoCMS 3 Hair Stylist CV Landing Builder



If you need resume templates for hairdressers, check this one out! With a CV maker from MotoCMS, you can interest your prospective customers with the various galleries. These galleries will help your CV stand out and look reliable.

Mike Williams – Resume Template for Bank Teller

Resume Template for Bank Teller



A professional bank teller does not need to know how to create a cv. What (s)he does need is a solid educational background. View a live demo to see how exquisite this section looks in the template above. Demonstrate your professionalism to the whole world and get ready for numerous job interviews!

So, if you have got little or no experience in marketing your professional skills and can invest a limited amount of time in learning about how to create a CV, then MotoCMS can be of help to you. A decent online CV will improve your career development even if you know next to nothing about web design.

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