How to Compress PDF to Upload Them to Your Webpage

MotoCMS Editorial 20 July, 2022

The versatility and compatibility of the PDF file format with many operating systems and software make it the ideal format for files. Why do we say that? PDF files can be easily stored, sent, or transported since they can be carried on most electronic devices and easily attached via email. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a tool to compress PDF to reduce its weight, optimize it for SEO ranking, and get it to take up less space. This is so it can be easily attached or copied anywhere, among many other benefits.

What Is PDF Compression?

PDF compression reduces a PDF file to make it fully optimized for webpages and other purposes, including size, speed, storage, retrieval, etc. As popular and excellent as the PDF is today, unfortunately, some elements in the document can blow up to the size of a PDF, making it difficult to upload or download. In addition, PDF files that contain large images also result in a large file and will create a mobility difficulty for the file. So, it is necessary to compress PDF to ensure it is at its best online and offline behavior.

7 Benefits of Compressing PDF for Webpages

1. Reduce File Size

First and foremost, to compress PDF, one of the benefits is to reduce the file size faster, which can be done using an online PDF converter. This conversion tool will help reduce the PDF file size by 40 – 60%, depending on the document type. Once the size of a PDF is optimally reduced, it becomes faster to access, easier to rank on Google, takes up less space, etc.

2. Universal File Format

It is ideal for storing your data in a universal format that everyone can view regardless of their device. So, using the Compress PDF method presents you with the perfect way to create files that will encounter no viewing limitation on any device.

3. Sharing Documents on Social Media Websites

Compressing PDFs makes it easy to share a massive volume of files on web pages and social media websites at an impressive speed. This is because they are no longer in their original bulky format and therefore have no size impediments. First, upload your compressed documents, edit them if needed, and save them. Then, you will generate an instant link that anyone can use and download your files instantly on any device. You can also send this link directly as an email.

4. Save Your Documents in Different Formats

It is common knowledge that one file format cannot be viewed or used on every device because of the difference in operating systems. Each system is created to have its unique language that it can read and understand. So, to remove the bottleneck presented by operating system compatibility, it is advisable to compress PDF before uploading online.

5. Faster Speed

Once you compress PDF, it automatically loses weight, which makes for a faster transaction. Getting an optimized speed when sending or receiving files online is not always equivalent to a good internet service provider. Compression aids in faster a transaction because the file has been reduced optimally, reducing the time it takes to send or download a PDF file. So, the smaller the file size, the faster it is to upload or download.

6. Less Cost

Just as is the case with speed, smaller files mean more minor requirements. This is to say that companies that run a network can reduce their cost in disk space, equipment, and bandwidth required to store and transmit data, etc. In essence, compressing PDF maximizes both storage and data.

7. Optimized For SEO

One of the benefits of compressing PDFs for web pages is SEO optimization. There are a million and one files uploaded daily on the internet. The key to ensuring that your website maintains traffic is making sure files uploaded to your website rank well on search engines. Search engine optimization for PDF files remains the lifeline through which websites remain visible on the World Wide Web. A search engine will pick up a faster, lighter, mobile device-friendly file before any other one. So, to compress PDF before uploading it to your website will give it a good fighting chance.

How to Compress PDF Using FormatPDF Compression Tool

Compressing PDF has been made so easy. We will enumerate the simple steps you can take to compress PDF online compression tools. It is as simple as uploading a document, choosing the compression tool on the page, selecting the file you want to compress, and reducing the PDF’s weight. Once you are done, you can download your optimal file for free. The steps to follow to compress your PDF

  1. Go to formatpdf.com and select the “Compress PDF” tool. It’s the first tool you’ll see on the homepage.

compress-pdf-for-your-webpage 1

2. You’ll see a red button on the next page with “Select PDF file” on it. Click the button, and a smaller window will open (your Explorer). Locate where the PDF file is stored, then select and upload it to the tool.

compress-pdf-for-your-webpage 2

You’ll also see a space marked with dotted lines around the Select PDF file button. Drag and drop the PDF files there. It is also indicated with “Or drag and drop the PDF here.” It serves the same function as the Select PDF file button.

compress-pdf-for-your-webpage 3

On the right-hand section of the next page, you’ll see three compression options. Keep in mind that the more extreme the compression, the worse quality the file will have, but the smaller the size too.

    1. Extreme compression.
    2. Recommended compression.
    3. Low compression.
  1. Select one of these three options, and click on the red buttons that come after tagging “Compressed PDF.” Finally, click “Download PDF” to save your improved and compressed PDF file.

compress-pdf-for-your-webpage 4

Simple, right? Like we said earlier, compressing PDF is as easy as uploading a file and pressing a button. In a short while, you will have a new and much lighter PDF file to upload to your webpage.

Some FAQs About Compressing a PDF

If I compress a PDF, do I lower the document’s quality?

It is easy for many people to think that compressing and optimizing PDFs will result in losing quality. While this may be true in lossy compression, the case is different with lossless compression. In lossless compression, you can reduce your simply by looking for repeating patterns, thereby reducing the size of your PDF without compromising the quality.

Can multiple PDFs be compressed at the same time?

Absolutely! You can compress multiple PDFs at once. One of the advantages of using online tools to compress PDFs is that you can upload several PDF files simultaneously. Once compression is done, it is up to the user to decide if they want to download the files separately or otherwise.

Do I need to have a decompression program?

No, there is no need to install any decompression program. Once a file is compressed, the result is a .pdf file, so you can view it without uncompressing it. To Compress PDF only removes the unnecessary part of the PDF and gives you a practical file in every sense when it comes to copying or transferring. These are some benefits of compressing a PDF, especially for a webpage.

The percentage of reduction of the size of a PDF online, is it always the same?

No. files are not always compressed with the same percentage of size reduction; it may be higher or lower depending on the compressed PDF type. As we said earlier, compressing a PDF involves searching out repeated patterns using the compressing tool. Therefore, the new size of the resulting PDF will depend on the number of the same patterns in the document.

Can I re-compress an already optimized PDF?

Of course. A PDF can be compressed twice. However, you will not get that much reduction in size from the first time you compressed the file since it was done to the maximum without any loss of necessary quality the first time around. But, if you do not mind such quality loss, you can use other types of programs that reduce PDF weight by approximation, although it is an irreversible process.


Compressing PDFs to upload to your web page or for any other reason is straightforward. As we enumerated above, there is much to be benefited from a compressed PDF file, both online and offline, such as faster speed, better google ranking, reduced file size, etc.

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