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MotoCMS Editorial 10 March, 2010


FlashMoto more and more wins the hearts of Internet users and Flash developers. Recently our advanced Flash content management system has been reviewed by Crazy Leaf Design Blog – a useful resource dedicated to all aspects of web technology and graphic design. It covers the freshest IT news and inspirational articles, quality tutorials and interesting reviews, etc.

Alex Lonescu, the founder of CrazyLeaf Design Group, focuses on the key features of Flash Moto CMS and describes who FlashMoto is aimed at. You may also look through this review and new point of view by following this link: FlashMoto – A Content Management System for Flash

* * *
But that’s not all. Here is one more good news for freelances, Flash developers or just for those who want to create an attractive Flash website with minimal costs. Kailoon.com, the website of professional web designer Kai Loon, holds a giveaway: 2 licenses of Flash Moto CMS and 3 Premium Concepts! You just need to tweet and comment on this article before 16th March 2010.

So, hurry up! And good luck! 🙂

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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