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Hot New Product: Visual Equalizer Flash CMS Template

MotoCMS Editorial 15 February, 2010

We are super excited about a new Flash CMS template recently added to our collection and cannot wait to see the killer sites based on it. This time we present an amazing Flash CMS design that will greatly work for musical groups and artists websites, Radio Station website, music portals, music download sites, as well as for design studios, advertising agencies, any organizations and companies, or just for personal pages creation. The Home page opens with a stunning visual equalizer sprightly moving in time with the pleasant music. The default color can be easily customized via our CMS for Flash.


Check out the subpages of the template.
‘Who We Are’ page:



‘Contacts’ Page:


This Flash CMS template includes a BUNCH of new features that make us grinning ear to ear  . First of all this FlashMoto template is equipped with a Flash player with sound tracks and a real equalizer that analyzes sound spectrum and depends on the template sound accompaniment.
Moreover, Flash Moto CMS provides an opportunity to add effects to your equalizer. Let’s play with it a little and change the color of equalizer.


Here is what we got:


Or how do you like this one?


Here is one more sweet fact about this Flash CMS template. You may apply effects to any object of your Flash CMS website. We have used the ‘Colorize’ feature and changed the color of images, saturation, contrast and brightness. Impressive, huh?!


Start building a Flash CMS website now! With FlashMoto!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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