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Help us translate FlashMoto Control Panel and get it for FREE!

MotoCMS Editorial 4 December, 2009

[Update] We thank everybody who participated in this event! Your efforts were very helpful. For now we stop taking translation requests. Thanks again for your help!

Since we released the FlashMoto Flash CMS, we got heaps of mails with one common request – multiple language support. Every day we acquire more and more customers from different corners of the world. And this caused an urgent need to translate FlashMoto CMS into other major languages. We are sure that this feature will greatly extend FlashMoto opportunities as well as enable Flash developers to create Flash websites with FlashMoto and provide their international customers with an ability to interact with the software seamlessly in their own language.

So FlashMoto team invites and encourages everyone who is willing to help with the software localization. The main requirements to our translators are the following:

  • proficiency in native language;
  • technical background;

At the moment we are translating FlashMoto control panel into French and Japanese.
Localisation process might include adaptation of graphics, adoption of local currencies, use of proper forms for dates, addresses and phone numbers, fonts, default font selection, case differences, character sets, sorting, word separation and hyphenation, and many other details.

What is a reward? – You will ask and will be absolutely right, as any work must be rewarded.
Well,  as a reward our translators will get a FREE copy of FlashMoto CMS with full set of tools, all necessary documentation and support. Attractive offer, huh?
If you have always felt like you wanted to bring out this language potential of yours – please feel free to contact us at support [at] flashmoto.com.

Help us bring FlashMoto to a foreign audience!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Love to help you guys translate it to Portuguese (Brazilian). Contact me if you’re interested.

  • Maicoll

    I can help with portuguese too. If you need more then one guy doing the job. 😉

  • freddy

    I could help with Spanish because I am Spanish and I work regularly with flash and php

  • I can also help in the translation to Spanish, I’m ready.

  • Hi FlashMoto, my company is Artnology Group in Viet Nam, i like ur CMS so much & i think i could help u translate it to Vietnamese. If possible please contact me at [email protected], thanks!

  • Aldin Music

    Hello, i can help you translate it in Bosnian, Crotian, Serbian these are all different dialects. I like the CMS that you have introduced and i have been looking for something like that in years but finally the Sun shined..

  • Andy

    Hello, if you need help with spanish, here I´m!. I live in Barcelona Spain but I´m argentinian. And I think that flashmoto is fantastic!!
    Good Luck!!

  • lucas

    I can help you with romanian and portuguese translation, :-.))

  • Hello, I can help with translation into polish. If u are interested contact me via mail. See ya!

  • Hello, i can also help you to translate it in polish 🙂

  • Nikolaos Tzovaras

    Hello, i can also help you to translate it in German

  • hello i can help translatin to spanish

  • Mur4ik

    Hi, a can help with translation on Russian or Ukrainian.

  • Amy

    I can help with Chinese translation!

  • Emad Al-Farwan

    I’m very interested in assisting you with Arabic translation. FlashMoto really worth efforts.

  • Toby

    The exceeding 298 million Chinese netizens could confirm us that how important and meaningful it is to translate the FlashMoto into Chinese. Actually there are lots of people and friends around me are interesting to build their enterprise websites or blogs by Flash. Undoubtedly, a FlashMoto in Chinese version would helps them a lot.

    It would be a great pleasure of mine if I can do some help for FlashMoto Chinese translation. Please contact me by email. Thanks.

  • Saya

    Hello, I am interested in translating Japanese!

  • Med Oussama


    i can translate flashmoto to French and arabic
    je peut traduire flashmoto en français et en arabe, en plus je suis webmaster et je sais travailler sur html css …

  • ezi

    I would like to help you with Russian and Ukrainian versions

  • Giack

    I’m interested to translate to Italian.

  • Nghia H. Nguyen

    I am excited to translate FlashMoto to Vietnamese. Please contact me.

  • I’m willing to translate FlashMoto for sure! :). Please let me know how can I get in touch with you! 🙂

  • Rogier Meijer

    I am willing to translate to FlashMoto to Dutch…! Please let me know…

  • Emre Sebat

    I can help you with Turkish translation.

  • Rohit

    Wud love to translate into Hindi – language of India

  • Hello

    I want to help you with the spanish translation!

  • I can help with the Romanian translation. I have quite a portfolio and experience in translations.

  • I can help translating in Serbian and Macedonian langugage

  • Giannis

    Hi! … I would really like to translate flashmoto in Greek… Thanks for a great product!!…

  • Hi Flashmoto,

    After reading your add, i really could help you out translating the core to the dutch langauge..
    Please feel free to contact me if my help is needed.

    Kidest regards,


  • Fernando Velarde


    i can translate flashmoto to Spanish!!!

  • Atila

    I can translate FlashMoto to Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Hi Guy’s,
    I will, and can help you out by translating your SuperB software into Dutch/Belgian.

    Please feel free to contact me.
    Kind regards,

  • Reny

    Hi, i can translate it in Italian if u are interested contact me!

  • Hi,

    I have been in software translation projects before. FlashMoto seems to be a fantastic software and I’d be glad to help translate it to Turkish.


  • Braulio

    Im very interesting about translate this amazing tool into spanish language!


  • Hi, I can translate to Bulgarian.
    If you interested contact me.

  • Etrimon

    I would be happy to translate it into the czech language. Please, contact me.

  • Manson

    Hi, im flash developer and i can help with a translation into Russian. With technical and program language of problems will not be. I will be glad to help.
    P.S. Excellent product.

  • Hi, I am also interested in translating and maintaining translation of Your CMS software in Serbian language. I have already made some translations for CMS components, and I would really like to translate this as well.

  • Alex

    Hi Flashmoto,
    I’ll be glad to have the opportunity to translate your interface in italian,

    keep up the good work 🙂

  • Hello, I’m Khalid CEO of WEBNET® Communications located in Mexico. I can help to translate the CMS into Mexican Spanish, as you may know it’s a bit different comparing to native or Spain Spanish. I can also help with native Spanish, and perhaps Arabic if the CMS can support it.

  • Can help with Russian

  • Quanyaraj

    Hello, I can help translation in Thai.

  • aryo

    Hello i can help with bahasa Indonesia

  • Hello! I can help you to translate in Italian!

  • Jaime Cruz

    I am hispanic and would very much like to help in the spanish translation.

  • jose

    i would like to help you guys translate into spanish(cuban/nicarguice)

  • Norwegian, Swedish and Danish translations.

  • Sal

    I can translate it into arabic …. more than happy to help

  • Hi, I am a Flash developer, and I can help you for French translation.

  • alexander valderama

    Im a new web developer, experienced in opensource cms, im intrigued with flash moto and if be allowed… with my own time, i might help translate to native middle eastern arabic, as we have successfully converted joomla cms to arabic before even a language pack was released. just troubles me if flash will support arabic well. Thanks.

  • We have many sites and need dont one license buy. But We can help for you with native russian language. Its our work change on your one license qwestion for us for future many project with your flash CMS

  • Im new to this web developing thing but found your product and think its great i can help translate into spanish if you are looking into doing so.

  • Matt

    i can help you to translate in german

  • Mack

    I can help translate to Persian (Farsi)

  • Hi! Is it translated into Russian? I can help You translate it.

  • Viktor

    Hello; I could help you with Mexican Spanish

  • Hi!

    I could help you to translate in Portuguese (brazilian).


  • Hello. Please answer about Russian translate. I wait.

  • mar karamp

    i can help u at greek translation

  • Hi! I can translate FlashMoto to Ukrainian language.

  • I wish to translate to Spanish language Southern U.S. and Mexico and
    have technical skills and language proficiency in English and Spanish.

  • I wish to translate to Greek language.
    I have technical skills and my native language is Greek, i have also fluency in English language.
    I interest also for the future because I thing flashmoto will be a powerful CMS engine for my customers.
    I thing that I will undertake many project with your flash CMS.

  • I am a Flash and Flex developer and Digital Media Lecturer. I have worked with Flash from Future Splash Animator to today. I am Afrikaans (South Africa) and would really like to see FlashMoto in my home language.

    I can provide localization for Afrikaans.

  • Hi there,

    We can translate your product to Dutch and Serbian.

    Thank you,

    Richard from the Netherlands.

  • Paull

    I don’t have background in flash webs but I’m very interested by your offer.
    It looks pretty easy with FlashMOTO.
    I can translating in Romanian language.

    Greetings from RO

  • Hi there, I can translate the whole interface into Polish if you like. Email me any time if interested,


  • Ugur Gocen


    I can translate it to Turkish. I had pretty much experience in Flash as a menu and intro builder.



  • Nuno Silva


    I could help you to translate in Portuguese (Portugal).

    Nice job !

  • Gregor

    Im a web designer from Slovenia and I know a lot of people in Slovenia who would like to have FlashMoto CMS but they just dont understand english, so I can help you and translate FMCMS to Slovenian language!
    Thx, Greg

  • Henrique Fontana

    Greetings from Brazil!
    Very nice product! I can handle Portuguese(Brazil). Some flash sites with the SEO and CMS made by me: miracaofilmes.com.br/en/, combo.tv.br, estudiotupi.com/.

  • I wish to translate to “Portuguese Brazilian” language.
    I have development skills and it is my native language, i have also fluency in English language.
    I interest also for the future because I thing flashmoto will be a powerful CMS engine for my customers.

  • Free Fonts

    Great idea,I talk about reward.Addibg this to my bookmarks!

  • hello,my name is Gamal, flash and php developer. i can help translate this great script into Arabic language, i have already translated Drupal 6.x, ipboard 3.0.5, factory nova and other small scripts.
    i hope i can see this great script will be in my native language.

  • Pingback: gocen - StartTags.com()

  • Roman

    Hi, I can translate into Russian.

  • I wish to translate to “Portuguese Portugal” language.
    I have development skills in Flash As 2 and As3 and PHP and it is my native language, i have also fluency in English.

  • Extreme86

    I wil help you translate it from English to Dutch.

    reason i want to test it fully beform purchaze

    contact me on my email adress

  • I can help in Arabic translation

    • @Mona
      Thank you for your offer Mona, but Moto CMS is not adapted to Arabic.

  • Try to adapt to Arabic in order to open new mareket for your product. It is a matter of files download.

  • Togrul

    I can help in Azerbaijan translation

  • JJ

    how about dutch ?

  • Selçuk

    I can help for the Turkish translation

  • xzy

    I think I can do the Chinese-Simplified job during the summer holiday.

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