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Help us translate FlashMoto Control Panel and get it for FREE!

MotoCMS Editorial 4 December, 2009

[Update] We thank everybody who participated in this event! Your efforts were very helpful. For now we stop taking translation requests. Thanks again for your help!

Since we released the FlashMoto Flash CMS, we got heaps of mails with one common request – multiple language support. Every day we acquire more and more customers from different corners of the world. And this caused an urgent need to translate FlashMoto CMS into other major languages. We are sure that this feature will greatly extend FlashMoto opportunities as well as enable Flash developers to create Flash websites with FlashMoto and provide their international customers with an ability to interact with the software seamlessly in their own language.

So FlashMoto team invites and encourages everyone who is willing to help with the software localization. The main requirements to our translators are the following:

  • proficiency in native language;
  • technical background;

At the moment we are translating FlashMoto control panel into French and Japanese.
Localisation process might include adaptation of graphics, adoption of local currencies, use of proper forms for dates, addresses and phone numbers, fonts, default font selection, case differences, character sets, sorting, word separation and hyphenation, and many other details.

What is a reward? – You will ask and will be absolutely right, as any work must be rewarded.
Well,  as a reward our translators will get a FREE copy of FlashMoto CMS with full set of tools, all necessary documentation and support. Attractive offer, huh?
If you have always felt like you wanted to bring out this language potential of yours – please feel free to contact us at support [at] flashmoto.com.

Help us bring FlashMoto to a foreign audience!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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