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Get Halloween Discounts On MotoCMS Templates And Services

MotoCMS Editorial 28 October, 2022

Halloween is a great holiday when you can dress up in beautiful or scary costumes, have fun together at a party, and have an unforgettable experience from this experience. But why not please yourself with more than just costumes and scary masks?

If you are thinking about creating a website for your business or changing the old web resource to a newer and more advanced one, we suggest you do it with us.

We offer great Halloween discounts on website templates made on the modern MotoCMS website builder. It’s a great deal that won’t last long. If you’re still in doubt, choose the best Halloween templates from our catalog at a great price, and you’ll never regret it.

Take Advantage Of The 20% Discount On eCommerce Templates

Do not miss the opportunity to get a 20% discount on website templates with eCommerce features. This is an excellent offer for those who want to create an attractive and recognizable website for their online store, beauty salon, restaurant, bar, flower shop, or e-cigarette business. In short, if your business is related to sales, you won’t find a better offer than our Halloween discounts.

Blog with Advanced eCommerce Functionality

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Fashion Ecommerce Website Design for Backpacks Store


eShop Online

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20% Off On All Halloween Templates

You will find discounts for any type of site that will fit the market and will definitely appeal to customers.

Horror Website Template for Spooky Halloween Shop

This template is perfect for the Halloween theme. Creating a unique and intimidating website design thanks to a convenient and straightforward toolbar will allow you to implement all your ideas. And the ability to view all changes in visual mode will allow you to add the necessary or, vice versa remove unnecessary elements from the web page.

Halloween Website Design - Halloween Discounts


This is an excellent option for those who are passionate about their business but do not want to learn the site’s technical features. You can manually add all products for sale on your website through a simple and understandable form or import the entire list of products by CSV file.

Halloween Website Design with Blog

Halloween is a time to be creative and inventive. You’ve had the idea of creating a website with a blog feature for a long time, but if you haven’t dared or didn’t know how to do it, forget it. With our Halloween template offerings, it will be a fun ride for you.

Halloween website design with a blog allows you to create a website without the involvement of programmers or any technical knowledge. All functions you can add as a puzzle and create your full picture. With drag-and-drop panels, you can add all the features you need: widgets that, for example, link your site to social media or a section with unique Halloween-themed videos.

Halloween Party Organisation - Halloween Discounts


We suggest that you create a blog to your liking. With or without comments, with quote functions, adding pictures or videos. You can create an entire forum with all the necessary external links to create a community of like-minded people like you. Thanks to the round-the-clock technical support from MotoCMS, you can always be sure that you will not face unresolved questions about your unique website.

Christmas Website Design for Decor Shop

This template is perfect for business owners who understand how vital the website’s appearance is to specific holidays. This attracts customers, and thanks to a 20% Halloween discount on this template, you also save money on a redesign.

Christmas Website Design for Decor Shop


Thanks to the vast MotoCMS library, you will definitely find the right website design for your Christmas holidays. You can choose any font, background, and even animation on the page without the involvement of a separate technical specialist. All this is available in a multifunctional admin panel that even a child can understand.

And after the end of the holidays, you can make your site look as before with one click. Another advantage of Moto CMS templates is that you can try out all the changes during the 14-day free trial.

Gift Shop Website Template for Christmas Store

According to statistics, most gifts people buy at Christmas. And it is not surprising, because it is an excellent holiday for the whole family. Thus, this is a great opportunity for businesses to realize their full potential. Thanks to the Halloween discount on our website templates, it’s even easier.

Gift Shop Website Template - Halloween Discounts


In this template, you can use all your imagination and the website’s features. With the ability to choose a unique logo and picture for the website’s landing page, your store will look amazing. Thanks to the Color Picker feature, you can review the entire palette of colors and choose the one that best suits the spirit of Christmas and gifts. With video and audio widgets, you can complete your website. For visitors, additional interactivity will motivate people to stay on the website longer and choose gifts.

Create an unforgettable holiday for your customers and yourself thanks to the advantageous purchase of a Gift Shop Website Template for the Christmas Store with a 20% discount.

Get a 10% Discount On Moto CMS services

We offer not only a vast selection of templates with a discount on Halloween. You will also get a 10% discount on our services.

Template Customization 

We will provide the assistance of top-notch web designers who will help to implement your ideas and customize the site in the shortest possible time.

Create Website from Scratch with No Code

SEO Pack

MotoCMS will help you optimize your website for Google search algorithms that will help your website to be at the top of search queries.

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

Website Copywriting

If you want to add additional keyword content to your website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help. We have a lot of experience in this field, and we are sure we can help you.

SEO Copywriting - How to Create Content

Page Speed Booster 

We will help you optimize the speed of your website. This will help to increase the amount of traffic consumed and, in turn, will increase its rating for search engines such as Google.

How to Increase Speed of Website to Boost Conversions

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