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MotoCMS Editorial 16 May, 2017

Though the boundaries between businesses and the Web are erasing little by little, there is still a concern that drives startup owners to hire a professional for a personal online business administration in 2017. Unfortunately, it is rather a necessity than a caprice (unless you are ready to throw your money away on a web design agency services).

MotoCMS helped businesses of different levels to go online with our website builder only as a launching pad. Thousands of cases showed that once a user with no web development experience becomes independent, s/he start believing in own possibilities and looking into the matter with renewed vigor.

Join MotoCMS Free Workshop

If you have not cracked this barrier yet, you are welcome to participate in the MotoCMS free workshop – How to Create and Launch a Startup Website – and get acquainted with its speaker Max Rhodes, a sales manager at MotoCMS who personally assisted hundreds of startup owners to succeed in this field.

By means of a particular example, Max will prove you why it is time to take your online business into your own hands rather than spending your budget on third-party solutions. The outline of this workshop includes five stages:

  1. Creating a domain name and launching a hosting for your site
  2. Building the most necessary pages for your site with a CMS
  3. Making your web project SEO-friendly
  4. Integration of your startup with top social media
  5. Q & A session for workshop participants

Please, save your spot at this free webinar by filling up a registration form and wait until Tuesday, May 30, 2017, to discover everything on how to build a successful startup online from scratch.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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