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10 Free Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques to Grow Your Online Business Fast

MotoCMS Editorial 11 July, 2023

In today’s digitally driven world, growing your online business can seem daunting, especially when working within budget constraints. Fear not, as there’s a treasure trove of free digital marketing tools proven to help scale businesses as quickly as possible. With techniques ranging from analyzing website performance to enriching your content strategy, these ten tools enable you to revamp your marketing approach without breaking the bank.

10 Free Digital Marketing Tools and How to Use Them to Scale

Business owners aren’t limited to the number of tools they can use. Read on for an exploration of ten such tools that can help you skyrocket your online business growth in no time!

1. Charlie CRM: Improving Customer Relationships

Sales leads are more likely to convert if we personalize our interaction with them. That’s where the Charlie CRM steps in. This free tool can seamlessly aggregate all details about prospects from various sources, like their social media profiles or blogs, into one place. Charlie CRM is similar to a virtual address book that gives you the information you need before you meet new prospects. Simply enter an email into the system, and Charlie will tell you everything about them. With this knowledge, you can better sell to your target audience.

2. Keeper Tax Calculators: Saving Money for Marketers)

While Keeper Tax does have feature-packed accounting software, it isn’t free. However, Keeper Tax does have plenty of free tax tools that businesses or freelancers can use to calculate their tax burden. You can also use their website to learn about state and federal taxes.

For example, this article on the most effective tax write-offs for consultants is a useful resource for freelance consultants who want to save a bit of money come tax time. You can rest easy knowing that their expertly written blog posts provide accurate and timely tax information.

As for their free tools and calculators, we recommend that you check out their quarterly tax, income tax, business loan, and self-employment (freelance) tax rate calculators. What does accounting software have to do with digital marketing? A lot. If you don’t have any money, it’s impossible to market your products or services to the right people.

3. HIX ArticleGPT: Crafting Superior SEO-Focused Articles

When it comes to content generation that optimally complements your digital marketing efforts, HIX ArticleGPT is an invaluable asset to shine a light on. It is a game-changer for creating SEO-rich, long-form, diverse content that meets the unique specifications of any business niche. It revolutionizes the way we generate articles, reviews, how-to guides, and more, transforming the traditional perception of content creation.

You can opt for the simplicity of One Click Mode or choose to leverage the High-Quality Mode for more complex articles. HIX ArticleGPT can be utilized by anyone, regardless of SEO expertise. Moreover, all this comes to you with a quick visit to the HIX.AI website – ensuring that content production is sped up, yet quality is never compromised.”

4. Wistia: For Sharing Video and Podcasting Content

Engaging video content is indispensable when it comes to captivating users online. With Wistia, you can facilitate embedded videos and podcast streams that can be shared across platforms on the web. You can even use Wistia to track your video’s data and analytics.

While you could use YouTube for video sharing, Wistia is the better choice because you have more control over your call-to-action buttons and email capture forms. You also won’t have to worry about unrelated ads or suggestions that could distract your viewers from your videos.

5. Google Analytics: Using Data Analytics to Sell More

We’re sure that Google Analytics requires no introduction. It does everything in terms of tracking traffic on your website, and you receive a lot of info for free. For example, you can see traffic from different networks and check on engaged reading time for all your blog posts for $0.

And honestly, to grow your online business rapidly, you need data-driven insights. Google Analytics helps you monitor your website traffic and user behavior. This information allows you to tailor your marketing strategies for better results. For example, knowing which pages have higher bounce rates can help you optimize them for increased customer engagement.

While the free version has limited customization options, you likely won’t need that level of complication when you start. Only enterprises need Google Analytics 360.

6. Buffer: Marketing on Social Media Made Easy

Plenty of free tools specialize in one social media platform for marketing, but it’s much harder to find free software that helps you schedule posts across all platforms. Buffer is one such exception that lets you batch the social media marketing process all in one go. As marketers know, a vibrant social media presence is key to significant online business growth. And when you automate your social media schedule, you’re more likely to stay engaged with the process. With Buffer, you can schedule 10 posts for each network or platform ahead.

7. Open Site Explorer: Creating Strong SEO Campaigns

A robust backlink profile is crucial for search engine visibility and increased organic traffic. Open Site Explorer is a free search engine optimization tool that allows you to analyze any website’s backlinks and find link-building opportunities. This will improve your rankings and boost traffic.

With Open Site Explorer, you can compare backlinks of up to 5 sites, understand their page and domain authority, and see the number of inbound links each website has. We consider Open Site Explorer the free version of Moz Pro because it has similar features. For example, you get access to a large list of pages on your competitor’s websites that rank organically, and you can analyze their landing pages, but completely for free.

8. Hemingway: Improving the Readability of Your Writing

Poorly written content can negatively impact your audience’s perception of your brand. But with Hemingway, you can perfect your content. Hemingway is an outstanding free editing tool that helps identify common writing mistakes, such as passive voice, that often plague content.

Plenty of writing tools are always trying to grab your attention, free or otherwise. Hemingway caught our eye because it doesn’t just correct your grammar; it actively tries to make your writing more readable, which is essential in a saturated blog market.

9. Canva Design Tools: Easy-to-Use Graphics Editor

Compelling visuals naturally bolster user engagement in digital marketing efforts. It’s a big reason many businesses use images and photos on their blog posts or social media.

However graphic design is hard-to-learn a skill, but with Canva, you can make compelling visuals quickly. Canva offers an easy-to-use platform for creating professional-grade graphics without design expertise, ranging from social media images to infographics. With numerous templates and drag-and-drop features, it helps strengthen visual content strategy at no cost.

Canva has a robust free version that’s perfect for businesses that need sleek cover photos, banners, or social media posts that only require a bit of tweaking. You also access Canva’s new writing tool, Magic Write, powered by OpenAi’s ChatGPT engine. We wouldn’t recommend Canva for Twitter-sized images, but you can use another free software, Pablo. For everything else, Canva should be your go-to.

10. Peek: User Testing Connects You With Real People

User experience (UX) is paramount in online business growth, but you’ll need to test how your viewers interact with your website before you know what they like. Peek lets you do that by offering five-minute recorded usability testing sessions from real people, not bots or AI.

These testers can reveal valuable insights like navigation issues or confusion points, allowing you to address problems hurting customer satisfaction. This free tool lets you run three monthly tests using formats such as A/B testing and user testing.

11. WordPress: For Creating Your Very Own Marketing Hub

A strong online presence starts with a captivating website, but building a quality one from scratch isn’t easy. Fortunately, making a website is easier than ever, thanks to content management systems like WordPress that offer immense options for themes, plugins, and customization.

However, it’s important to remember that you’ll need some coding knowledge to make something great. And while it’s easy to use, it can take a second to navigate, even with plugins. If you need something more user-friendly, consider using Squarespace or Wix for your site. But even with the growing pains, WordPress is still the better of the free content management systems because of its scalability and support from other coders (specifically with plugins). Ultimately, WordPress can help you perfect your brand reputation because it can help you create a user-friendly website. And you can use this site for all of your campaigns.

Digital Marketing Tools – In Conclusion

The digital landscape offers countless opportunities to propel your online business growth to astounding heights. With these powerful and free digital marketing tools mentioned above, you can elevate your brand’s presence, boost engagement, streamline processes, and more.

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