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5 Ways SMS Marketing Tools Can Benefit a Small Business

MotoCMS Editorial 14 July, 2021

Whether you run a tech startup or have a well-established cleaning business such as the Florida Maids, there is one marketing channel that you can truly benefit from if you aren’t already. Despite a tendency to focus on social media marketing, one marketing channel that many businesses fail to take advantage of fully is text message marketing. If you are one of the many business people who aren’t on board with marketing SMS tools, here are a few reasons why this channel has the potential to be very effective in terms of driving business.

SMS Marketing Tools Can Drive Sales

As a business owner, you’ll want to invest in marketing to impact the bottom line positively. SMS marketing can be used to send highly personal and perfectly timed offers based on a customers’ interests. These messages can generate sales, encourage repeat business, and provide appointment reminders, which is why a powerful bulk SMS marketing strategy needs to be implemented in order to get optimal results.

A Customer Service Tool

Email and SMS Marketing

Any good business owner will tell you that customer service needs to lie at the heart of a venture to flourish in the long term. SMS marketing can be a great tool when it comes to customer satisfaction. For instance, text messages can be used to send a brief follow-up message after a customer finishes their transaction. This is a great way of keeping the lines of communication open and encouraging customer satisfaction. It builds loyalty and supports reputation management. SMS is also one of the fastest modes of communication, since most people have their phone on hand, making it easy to reach the customer.

SMS Marketing Tools – Building Brand Awareness

It is an excellent way to ensure your audience knows about the company and your broader service offerings. Almost all of your customer base will have a cell phone. That makes SMS marketing a great channel from which to reach a large audience. Furthermore, SMS marketing text messages tend to have higher open rates than emails, which are often deleted straight away on the basis of a subject line in most cases. A text message that is more likely to be opened correlates well with increasing your brand awareness.

Get Ahead of the Competition

These days, consumers get a bunch of email marketing and social media ads. In most instances, they’ll use ad blockers or spam filters to save themselves from annoyance. The sms marketing integration for Magento is one channel that most companies have yet to capitalize on. The consumer won’t find themselves overwhelmed with information due to the limited number of characters used in a message. This means you’re more likely to be able to grab their attention and encourage engagement by creating a short, sharp, and concise message.

SMS Marketing Tools – Final Points

SMS marketing demonstrates great potential for helping companies engage with their audience in a meaningful and effective way. It’s important for interested companies not to delay action in this arena as this remains an underutilized marketing resource. The time is now. So don’t miss out on this untouched opportunity. And be sure to get in on it before the competition does.

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