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FlashMoto Enters Partnership with FlashMint.com

MotoCMS Editorial 15 April, 2010


We are glad to announce our multi-year partnership with FlashMint.com, one of the largest companies that offers unique and impressive dynamic Flash website templates that are easy to manage and maintain.

FlashMint has already proved itself to be a reliable provider of quality web layouts together with the most helpful and supportive service. The company is presented by the team of web masters and professionals eager to implement new Flash technologies and provide users with rich visual experience.

This partnership will trigger an initiative to work on the premium quality Flash CMS Templates that embody the most effective methods of putting form and content together. Due to our partnership with FlashMint, we are able to offer large variety of products which gives us complete stability with high volume and long term orders. The Flash CMS designs provided by FlashMint will meet all necessary Flash Moto CMS requirements both in terms of functionality, usability and professional look and greatly enlarge our design collection introducing new categories and design approaches.

We hope this partnership will benefit both companies, as well as our existing and potential customers, Flash developers and end users. We are always open to new opportunities, as they are the keys to success!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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