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FlashMoto Design Contest: Join In and Win!

MotoCMS Editorial 2 July, 2009

Hello everybody!  Our team was happy to admit that our Flash CMS has already become a part of work plans of so many talented developers and designers. And we thought it would be great to cooperate!

So in this post we announce a Contest for Best Graphic Design for Flash Website. The winning design will be used as a theme coming with FlashMoto CMS. For us it’s a wonderful opportunity to share the project workflow with the audience. For you it’s a great chance to show off your talent by making your design a part of next-generation Flash tool.

So far FlashMoto CMS is equipped with just one template theme. We are going to create at least five more by the time of final release. Join in the contest and become our team mate!

What will winner get?

The winner of the contest will be determined by FlashMoto team. We will look through all participants’ works and choose the one. The author of the best graphic design will get $300. And imagine how many people will get to know your name by ordering FlashMoto CMS packaged with a design theme made by you. Not a bad bonus, huh?

All other decent and worthy designs will be showcased at our blog along with the links to their developers’ websites. We could buyout some designs as well.


One of the main features our Flash CMS offers to users is that any website can be managed in it. That’s why we don’t have any special rules or limits concerning participating designs. Our wishes are: presence of such elements as drop down menu, music player, news or gallery block, forms. Remember that by choosing Flash, users mean an attractive, eye-catching dynamic Flash website full all specific features only Flash may provide. This is what you might keep in mind while preparing your design project.

In case you created a few projects you think could be winning and can’t decide on which one might be your priority for the contest, send all of your artworks! We will pay attention to each one.


Send your .jpg files at flashmotocms [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “FlashMoto Design Contest” Theme_title or leave links to the designs in Comments. Deadline for entries is 17th of July. Please provide your name, website address and country you are from as well. The winner will be announced in our blog shortly after the contest has been over.

Join FlashMoto Design Contest today, be creative and win! Check our blog and sign up for Project News to get to know the name of the winner first!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Wow, what a great opportunity

  • NoSpec

    This is really weak. I hope you receive no entries.

    You should pay people for the work they do.

  • Brian Mays

    I have a curious question, as I am usually anti-design contest. What comes of the designs you don’t choose? Do they become your property or do they remain the property of the designer(s)?

    I would advise being careful with the wording in your call for entries. There are a number of unscrupulous individuals seeking free work because they’re too cheap to pay that use the “just imagine the exposure” angle in their pitches. I’m not saying you’re doing this, but that the phrasing may put you into that same box.

  • Nice Project, good contest. Hope you show all of us ALL the designs sent to you when this contest is over, it would be even “Nicer”. I left my website, there are all of the work I have done, so please take a look at it. Sorry my english: I’m from Colombia!!! Bye.

  • Difort

    @NoSpec, we will pay to the winner. The design we really like to use for template.
    @ Brian Mays, I’ll rewrite our contest terms right now. other designs will stay designers property. We will just showcase them at our blog and give a link for designers website(or contact info) so someone else could buy this design. We are not asking for a PSD files. Just a screenshot as a normal contest.

  • NoSpec

    yeah $300 that’s the jackpot right there. What about everyone else who puts work forward. That’s countless hours of unpaid work.

  • Difort

    @No Spec, they still could resell their works. We thought it’s a normal practice like 99designs.com website.

  • Brian Mays

    @Difort – Thank you for leaving the entries the property of the designers. Many contests don’t do this and claim ownership of all the entries with rights to do as they please, entitling the designer to nothing. I wish more contests would do this.

  • Adil

    I am C# programmer and am getting into website development and I can truly say that you guys Rock, its a very good product with good efficiency. The product minimizes the TCO (Total cost of ownership) and increases ROI (Return On Investment). This product will rock if marketing is done good. I am sure it will.


  • Flash media Team

    I guess the race for FULL FLASH CMS is on. Short to this email. I wasn’t aware of the contest.
    For those with $$$ issues ” Your missing the big picture here…” Having been working with TM for the past 4 yrs I could say Fm your a bit ahead of the game at this point. { Ahead in the modules} but behind in the design structure. I guess the contest makes sense. You should PM me.. I have many suggestions you might want to consider. And a few questions of my own.
    Can’t wait to see TM’s ( Template Monster’s) CMS Admin Panel.

    First you should all forget the standard website format… you should all consider formating for dual full website & mobile! just a hint… The widget’s are a great start .

    See ya all at the finish line….
    Good Luck
    Flash Media Team

  • Team AuroraThemes

    you guys are the best you guys have taken an 6 months work on 25 page flash website to 25 minute of work, i would love to see mobility module included for mobile users who want to view your flash website on your pda’s, also i would love to see membership modules or shopping cart modules, inluded to design membership based website. and also setting up and admin panel for flash website where clients can update there own content on there flash website. i have more ideas for this. but ill wait an see first if you gus beat me to it. does this flash cms play well also with access controls, where clients can assign users to specific access controls sayin we setup free member, registered member, and based on roles given to users that visit site where to upload video, etc. or restricted to an certain part of the flash content website.

  • Team AuroraThemes

    also just another note, since SEO is already not an factor, what about source ordered layout. would flashcms takes a different approach and loads the main column code before the left and right columns.This is perfect for SEO purposes as the search crawlers will find your main content before your subsidiary content in your side columns. This is a major step forward and will improve your search engine results for your pages

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