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FlashMoto CMS Alpha Version Released!

MotoCMS Editorial 23 March, 2009

Hi people! First of all let us thank you for visiting our website and for your attention. In this post we would like to tell you a couple of words about FlashMoto and our revolutionary product. FlashMoto is a quite new but powerful project presented by a team of Internet professionals, designers and developers who are united with one common interest and passion for Flash.

All this time we are working nonstop on our product – Flash CMS that will give a full control over a Flash website. Previously Flash websites were considered to be difficult for editing without hiring a Flash developer. But with our CMS for Flash every Flash website can be edited, managed and controlled with no profound knowledge required.

So, right now we are glad to present an alpha version of FlashMoto CMS. Regardless of the fact that our product is in the alpha testing stage of development, it won’t prevent us from pointing out the main advantages of our Flash based CMS.

Our system is based on the templates what gives an opportunity to edit every design element preserving all graphic effects and animation. It is the most user and SEO friendly CMS with maximum flexibility. There are no programming skills, software and installation required. Due to the WYSIWYG editor, image gallery editor, modifying a Flash websites becomes as easy as a piece of cake. Flash Moto CMS contains the biggest Media Library that allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files. And there is more to come! You can add as many plug-ins as you wish!

Well… arm yourself with patience and wait for Beta!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Hi there! I’m really excited about this! I’m a freelance web designer, and using Flash has aged me! Having a tool like this makes life sooooo much worth living. LOL…I’ll be starting my own interior design business real soon, and becoming a board member for an association of my peers. This would be a great tool to offer them as a member benefit for joining, since most of them do not have a website, or a clue how to build and/or maintain one. Great job guys! I can’t wait to get in there and play with it!

  • Adrien Despeyroux

    Nice project with big and NEW possibilities. Eager to get my hands on the final product. Keep up the good work!

  • tomusx

    when is the revolution going to take place, cant wait i have so many clients waiting for something new and i want this app…waiting patiently in anticipation….

  • Tomusx

    Hands down you win…looks very powerful indeed and never having to leave the workspace and wydiwyg…what you do is what you get…sweet. I have a project and this is perfect have been racking my brain to find the right cms for a client and it aint working out so far and this looks like the be and end of all my probz for now.

    ? When can i have this running…silex is too slow…a contender I thort but now…i have been proven wrong.

  • Difort

    @Tomusx, Thanks for your kind feedback. We are working hard on our release. It should be ready ASAP. Please keep in touch with our Project News.

  • justsomebody


    it would be nice if when we confirm our subscription to newsletter their was a confirmation page..

    i tried different emails because i thought maybe feature wasn’t working.. I am looking forward to your progress

  • Hi,

    I am keen to explore how we can utilise Flashmoto CMS in conjunction with our signagelive SaaS Digital Signage platform to provide editorial control of rich media that can be played back on screen along with the variety of other media content we support.

    I see two possibilities:

    1. Local Intranet Content – allowing a local intranet version of Flashmoto to be used to generate great looking rich media content optimised for 16:9 display on screens. We would pick up the unique URL for each Flashmoto CMS output HTML page and make this available as a media asset for use in signagelive.

    We have over 5,000 resellers who would be very keen on this proposition and if cost effective, we would recommend them to you for you to handle commercially as you see fit.

    2. Online solution integrated directly into signagelive to enable creating of Flash media assets that we can either reference and playback over the Internet or package and distribute for playback at the local site.

    I have spent many hours scoruing the web for a Flash CMS solution that fits the bill (and tried many) and from the demo video, I am sure we can do business together.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jason – CEO – signagelive.com

  • Hi there! I’m really excited about this! I’m a web designer, and using Flash is a new aged task for me! Having a tool like this makes life so much better. This would be a great tool to use and influence people in office to start using a tool like this. Can’t wait for this to be released and create some crazy design with this. Awaiting the chance to get in and let rip the creative mind !!!

    Jamshed F Treasurywala

  • Marlin Evans

    Finally software that can be used by anyone… without years of HTML, and Flash. I own a small business, and have been looking forward to building my OWN website for years, looks like I will finally have that chance.

  • Chad

    I notices this says “Alpha Version released”. However I do not see anywhere to download or purchase. Am I missing something?

  • Lisa

    I am very excited about this product. I usually steer my clients away from Flash because I am not very good a programming AS3 and found it too expensive to out source the work. I do love flash and what it can do and how it looks and I would definatly use this program and hope I can bring in more work by offering more flash to my customers.

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