FlashMoto CMS Alpha Version Released!

MotoCMS Editorial 23 March, 2009

Hi people! First of all let us thank you for visiting our website and for your attention. In this post we would like to tell you a couple of words about FlashMoto and our revolutionary product. FlashMoto is a quite new but powerful project presented by a team of Internet professionals, designers and developers who are united with one common interest and passion for Flash.

All this time we are working nonstop on our product – Flash CMS that will give a full control over a Flash website. Previously Flash websites were considered to be difficult for editing without hiring a Flash developer. But with our CMS for Flash every Flash website can be edited, managed and controlled with no profound knowledge required.

So, right now we are glad to present an alpha version of FlashMoto CMS. Regardless of the fact that our product is in the alpha testing stage of development, it won’t prevent us from pointing out the main advantages of our Flash based CMS.

Our system is based on the templates what gives an opportunity to edit every design element preserving all graphic effects and animation. It is the most user and SEO friendly CMS with maximum flexibility. There are no programming skills, software and installation required. Due to the WYSIWYG editor, image gallery editor, modifying a Flash websites becomes as easy as a piece of cake. Flash Moto CMS contains the biggest Media Library that allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files. And there is more to come! You can add as many plug-ins as you wish!

Well… arm yourself with patience and wait for Beta!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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