FlashMoto Beta User BOOM!

MotoCMS Editorial 28 August, 2009

Greetings everybody! We are excited to know our latest news concerning FlashMoto and TemplateMonster partnership won your approval. In one day the number of FlashMoto Beta users increased greatly and now totals about 16,000 people! And it continues to go up, community is expanding, we get tons of requests and wishes and this is the best reward we can ever have.

Be sure, FlashMoto welcomes everyone! We carefully study all the questions, opinions and wishes sent by FM fans and subscribers. Lots of improvements and fixes have been done since our Flash CMS Beta release. Among them are upgraded WYSIWYG editor, it will be even more usable and easy-to-work with. The final version will also include improved workflow with layers; it will be possible to edit several elements simultaneously. Besides, we’ve developed a new tool – Online Font Creator that will be launched together with the final version of FlashMoto CMS. This is the fastest and the simplest way to add various fonts to the Flash website that will definitely make your life easier.

The anticipated release is really close and we even hope to present FlashMoto CMS at Adobe MAX 2009. As you know, we were included to the candidate list for the “Best of RIA 2009” conducted by O’reilly’ InsideRia. Thanks to your support we are among 10 semi-finalists now and if you continue to vote, FlashMoto has great chances to win.

With the latest Beta user boom we got added evidence we are moving in the right direction, so thank you very much for all the feedback we’ve got from you, friends.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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