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Tina Zennand 31 March, 2011

Hi guys,

We will never get tired of pleasing you with creative, fresh and highly functional Flash Templates that, in fact, are all complete Flash website solutions with the help of which even a user with basic computer skills is able to easily create Flash website with minimum efforts.

So please enjoy a fresh spring bunch of Flash Templates powered up by MotoCMS. The collection is divided into three categories: Flash Image Galleries, Templates for Business, E-commerce, Corporate Projects and Flash Flip Book Templates.

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Flash Image Galleries

Moto Flash Template with Multiple Image Gallery

This attractive Flash gallery will be a good solution for image portfolios, business websites, web/graphic design projects or just personal pages. The convenient drop down menu allows to easily navigate the website. It is possible to create as many sections and sub-sections as necessary within the control panel.

The Flash gallery is navigated with the arrow buttons that allow to easily look through the images. To open a big image preview, you just need to click on the image’s thumbnail.

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Flash Gallery for Professional Image Portfolio

This stylish Flash template powered up by MotoCMS is a functional and professionally looking complete Flash website that will meet the requirements of the most demanding photographers and artists. It has everything that a professional image portfolio should possess: stylish layout, great design, convenient navigation and wide control panel opportunities.

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Flash Template for Stunning Photo Portfolio

This Flash template will ideally work for a photo or other image portfolio. It is the case when interactivity sets off the images, but not distracts the visitors from the main point of the portfolio. The navigation is intuitive, and can be performed by pointing the mouse over the menu section, and then clicking on the appeared button.

The navigation of this simple but really functional gallery is performed with the arrow buttons. In order to open a big image preview, just click on its thumbnail.

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Compact Flash CMS Template for Image Portfolio

This neat and stylish Flash photo gallery is peculiar for a simple but, at the same time, extremely functional design. The floating intuitive menu may contain as many sections as the website owner needs. If you click on the “Thumbnails” button on the right of the full size gallery, the thumbnail preview with intuitive vertical scrolling will open. So, the visitors can view the images either by scrolling the thumb preview and click on the selected ones only or by clicking on a big pink arrow button on the image, and view the photos one by one.

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Papervision 3D Flash Template for Image Portfolio

This amazing Flash gallery design performed with Papervision 3D has become really popular among MotoCMS customers and Flash developers. The sinusoidal image thumbnail preview easily flies when you mouse over the page. Point the cursor over a thumbnail, and the gallery will stop.

The number of gallery rows are customizable. Due to the richest Media Library, it is possible to upload as many images as you need.

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Multifunctional Flash Image Portfolio

This bright Flash CMS Template for an image portfolio is a creative, catchy and extremely functional way of showcasing your photos or other artworks. The gallery sections are performed as interactive clickable rectangles.

If you follow a section, a big image preview with thumbnail gallery thumbnail preview will open. This gallery design is very popular for its ease of use and attractive look. The slideshow mode is available.

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Stylish Flash Image Portfolio with Hidden Menu

This stunning Flash image gallery reveals an unusual way of presenting photos, graphic or other artworks online. The design of this premium Flash CMS Template is really catchy: the menu sections are hidden under black background, but when you point the mouse over the section, it becomes visible and opens the menu section and sub-sections in an intuitive manner.

The gallery of the Flash Template is full screen, with big interactive arrow buttons for navigation.

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Flash Templates for Business, E-commerce, Corporate Projects

Creative Flash CMS Template for Corporate Portfolio

This striking Flash CMS solution with creative bright layout offers a fresh way of presenting your tattoo or beauty salon, web design studio or other business online. The menu sections are created in the form of big black blots that look gorgeous on orange background.

The interactive image gallery presents the images in a simple handy way. The website owner will be able to create as many gallery sections as he needs, and upload an unlimited number of images.

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Interior Flash CMS Solution with Slideshow Mode

This Flash CMS Template with great textures and convenient drop down menu was created for interior design projects, but it may also be used for simple image portfolios or personal pages. There is no thumbnail preview within the template — the images are viewed one by one by clicking on the big arrows. The slideshow mode is avaliable.

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Professional Flash Template for Web/Graphic Design Projects

This is undoubtedly the most impressive, functional and convenient solutions for a web/graphic design projects you’ve ever seen! The menu sections are made in the form of interactive rectangles that become bright if you hover the mouse over them.

The gallery is symmetric and simple –  and you just need to click on the thumbnail to open full size preview.

The full size preview offer some additional ways of viewing the works: by means of the arrow buttons or as a slideshow. Each image can be linked to a page, a pop-up or external URL.

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Many Purpose Flash Template with Simple Layout

This simple and neat Flash CMS Template is a universal solution, and can be used for many online projects: portfolios, online exhibitions, design websites, business or just personal pages. The design is performed in a clean style and opens a very simple and unobtrusive web image presentation.

Due to the advanced Moto control panel integrated into the template, it is possible to create the unlimited number of website pages. The gallery is extremely simple: the full size images can be viewed with the arrows that are placed over the image.

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Catching Flash Solution for Food-and-Drink Industry

This “tasty” Flash website has been developed for food-and-drink industry, but it will work great for any image portfolio or business project. The gallery design is extremely creative and eye-catchy: it is performed in the form of a carousel that easily twists when you click on the arrow buttons. There is a big image preview that opens when you click on one of the carousel images.

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Flash Flip Book Templates

Page Flipping Template for Wedding Album

This attractive Flash flip book is an unusual way of collecting your wedding or family photos and showcasing them in digital format. Besides, the solution can be used perfectly for many other web projects: wedding salons, restaurants, image portfolios, etc.

It is possible to create the plenty of pages with text or image content within the book. The pages are navigated by means of the interactive menu sections performed as golden half-circles. Also, for turning the page you can easily drag the page with the left mouse button or just click on its corner.

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Superb Flash Flip Book for Many Web Projects

This premium Flash page flipping solution will ideally work for many web projects: photo portfolios, various business presentations, etc., as well as become a great basis for your book, brochure, online magazine, etc. The pages can be filled with any content.

The Flash CMS flipping book is equipped with an advanced menu: for each section a separate flip book is created. Due to the Moto control panel integrated into the template, the website can be easily modified to your liking. The Full Screen Mode is available.

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You have an opportunity to evaluate the Flash Templates high functionality by registering a 30 Day FREE Demo.

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