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Flash Templates: New Exclusives with Professional Flash CMS

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Tina Zennand 6 May, 2011

Hi friends,

Here we are again with a new exclusive collection of Moto Flash Templates created on the basis of our professional Flash CMS. You must have noticed that our developers and designers have an endless stock of creativity and unusual ideas. And, as always, we are in a hurry to share the new exclusives with you:)

Today we present the freshest Moto Flash CMS templates of two categories: Business and Image Galleries. Enjoy the arrivals and don’t forget that you can try to customize any of the templates for free right now!


Business Flash Website with Dynamic Video Gallery

This amazing Flash CMS template will be a very good choice for business presentations, news projects or just personal pages. Stylish professional design and convenient navigation will make your website stand out among others and will definitely impress the visitors.

A rotating interactive globe is the main visual element of the website: click on it and it will stop.

The solution is equipped with the functional video gallery that allows the website owners to embed as many videos via the convenient Moto control panel as they need. The video gallery preview is well structured and can be easily viewed by means of vertical scrolling. The interactive menu with intuitive navigation has a  professional attractive look and allows the visitors to easily navigate the website. The number of pages and sub-pages can be changed within the control panel.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Creative Business Solution with Illustrated Menu

This stylish unusual Flash CMS solution is ideal for various business projects, web design studios and freelancers who wish to exhibit their web works online. The menu is performed in the form of illustrated bars that hide a picture until you point the cursor over a bar.

The website menu is performed in a really unusual style: you can navigate the sections either by means of the bottom drop up menu or by clicking on the arrow buttons of the current page. The gallery itself is navigated vertically by dragging the slider with a mouse.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Clean Style Business Flash CMS Design

This light Flash CMS template has been created for presenting various business projects online. Clean yet catchy design creates a solid impression of a stable company therefore arouses the visitors’ interest and trust.

A stylish drop down menu with great animation effects allows the visitors to easily navigate the website. Moto Flash CMS integrated into the template allows you to create as many menu sections as you need, and fill them with any content. Choose the template for your business project – you won’t be disappointed!

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Flash Galleries

Flash Image/Video Gallery for Portfolios

Are you looking for an impressive portfolio solution? Then look at this stunning CMS based Flash template — it definitely deserves your attention. Stylish design, lots of attractive elements and well chosen background color scheme make the Flash gallery stand out from the crowd.

The template is equipped with multifunctional image and video galleries that allow you to exhibit various works online: photos and other images, videos, web works, and so on. The image gallery preview is navigated by means of big arrow buttons. To view an image just click on it, and a full size preview will open accompanied by a cool sound effect.

Due to MP3 and Media players embedded into the control panel, you may showcase various works and present them to visitors in a stylish exclusive manner.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Flash CMS Portfolio with Intuitive Buttons

This awesome image gallery will work amazing for any photo portfolio and perfectly emphasize your individuality. High functionality and stylish design approaches make the template one of the most attractive solutions in this niche.

The hidden menu becomes visible when you hover the cursor over the page. The gallery is multi-sectional and may contain as many images as you need. The navigation is performed by means of the intuitive “next” and “prev” buttons that easily fly while you move the cursor over the page.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Flash Wedding Gallery with Vertical Scrolling Preview

It is so easy to create a stunning personal wedding album or a photo portfolio with this impressive Flash CMS gallery. The photo thumbnails are all placed on the splash page that allows a viewer to preview all the photos at once. The preview navigation is intuitive; it can be scrolled vertically by moving the mouse over the page.

Click on any thumbnail and full size image will open. Now you may view the full size photos one by one by clicking on the arrows.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Stunning Photo Portfolio with Creative Gallery Menu

A creative eye-catchy web portfolio will emphasize the photographer’s individuality and definitely attract more visitors to his pages. This exceptional Flash gallery is ideal for any image portfolio. The main advantages of the template are highly functional navigation and exceptional design.

The gallery preview opens by hovering the mouse over the folio menu. The big preview is full screen and can be navigated by clicking on the interactive arrow buttons.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Flash Photo Portfolio with Two Functional Galleries

This amazing Flash CMS template can become a really good basis for personal photo or other image portfolios, web design projects or just personal photo albums.

The template is equipped with two galleries: the full size one and the gallery with vertical scrolling. The slideshow mode is avaliable. Due to the advanced control panel, the template is easily customizable and can be modified to your liking.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

Stylish Flash CMS Solution for Personal Photo Portfolio

The black-and-white splash page of this Flash photo portfolio looks really great. The combination of excellent textures, stylish font and simple yet catchy layout is a true gift for all lovers of black-and-white designs.

The Flash photo gallery is performed in a creative way: the image thumbs are kind of thrown randomly on the page and creates a beautiful mess. To view the image in full size just click on its thumbnail.

View the Template Control Panel Demo

You are welcome to browse through the entire collection of Moto Flash Templates created with a professional Flash CMS and evaluate the widest opportunities the control panel opens for both developers and end users.

Choose one premium Flash template from the collection and try Moto Flash CMS in action by registering a 30 day free Demo.

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Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.