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MotoCMS Forum – Welcome to Our Community!

Tina Zennand 6 December, 2010

Hey guys!

We are pleased to present you our Moto CMS Forum that has recently been officially launched. The idea behind is to provide our customers, developers and other Moto CMS users, with a place to ask questions and find answers to them, discuss issues related to Moto CMS product, its setup, the templates customization, share their ideas and ready-made Flash CMS solutions with the community or just chat with other Forum members. Developers can share their own customization tips or other tricks, or, for example, exchange their experience on how to create professional Flash website, or anything they want. You are free to comment our products, post your offers, exchange ideas with us and the community, and leave your feedback. Your contribution is highly appreciated!

The forum is mostly intended for developers, but the end Moto CMS users will also find much useful and indispensable stuff there.

The most important info opens from the Forum’s Home Page. Here you will find plenty of unique tutorials developed by MotoCMS support team as to Moto CMS setup, website customization and management. So, if you experience some setup (or other) problems and haven’t succeeded in solving them alone, be sure you will find the most optimal solution here without fail!

In addition to the main Forum, MotoCMS users have a Feature Request forum where they can share their ideas for new developments at MotoCMS.com and Flash CMS templates. This is the company’s method of keeping track of its users needs and trends. Once a user has posted a wish or request, other users can comment on it. The more people supporting a specific request, the higher priority the team gives to it.

Don’t forget to read the FAQ Forum Section that covers the following topics: general forum usage, setting and profile features, reading and posting messages. Please post all questions using Flash CMS Forum Dashboard FAQ as they will better help other users to get answers if they have similar questions in the future.

If this is going to be your first visit, be sure to register in order to post your messages, but not just be a silent reader:)

Here are the sections you will find on the Forum:


  • News (covers all the news about the project);
  • Releases (Moto CMS versions are being discussed);
  • Beta (everything about Beta version of Moto CMS products are covered);


  • Development (discuss the issues related to website development via Moto CMS);
  • Feature Requests (if you want some feature to be added to Moto CMS, share your idea with us!);
  • Bugtracker (here you can report about all System bugs);
  • Contribution (if you translated Moto CMS into your native language and would like to share the translation with us, you can do it in this section);
  • Sharing (here you can share your modules, widgets or tutorials with us and other members);


  • General (discuss general MotoCMS products info here);
  • Support (here you can find a solution of general support problems);
  • Feedback (leave your feedback and comments here);
  • Template Topics Wishbox (in this topic you can suppest your own topic for a template);
  • Showcase (share your Flash CMS website to everyone and get feedback);
  • Off-topic (the topic for “off-topic” discussions).


The forum is still young and needs active members who would help to contribute. So, you are welcome to check out the Forum, browse its threads and join our great community!

Tags: flash cms Moto CMS Forum
Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.
  • Ryan

    Hi, im new to CMS field. I wanted to purchase ready to use Flash CMS template for ony of my client. so i searched from the net and found some good templates but before purchasing i saw this thing from good. i need your suggestion/help on will your CMS work with the templates from templatesrule.com/web-templates/template-type-flash-cms.html as i really like some of these but no idea how they manage the CMS part. Thanks

    • Admin

      Hi Ryan!
      The templates you are talking about have already have a simple CMS installed and they will not be working with Moto CMS, unless you rebuild the template to suit Moto CMS requirements.
      But we also offer an attractive collection of Moto CMS Templates, which are equipped with Moto Flash CMS and provides a wide range of tools for successful website management. Browse the collection: http://templates.motocms.com
      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Sharon

    I purchased a Moto CMS template and am almost done customizing. I’m pretty amazed at how easy it has been so far. I want to put a link to google maps on my contact page (for version 1.3.0). What is the easiest way to do that? I obtained an API key from google and found the snippet of flash code but how do I call it from a spot on my page? Or is there an easier way…?

    Thank You!

    • Admin

      @ Sharon
      Tonight we are going to launch an update to Moto CMS. A new version 1.3.3 presents such additional options like: RSS Reader, Batch add and Google Maps Module.
      The Gmap module provides an interface to the Google Maps API within MotoCMS.

  • Khan Durmann

    How is it possible to add to a MotoCMS template:

    1. Facebook Like button
    2. Newsletter entry field


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