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Boost Your MotoCMS Website With Discounted Extra Services

MotoCMS Editorial 18 July, 2017

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The MotoCMS team is always glad to help a user go online by creating a professional website without any prior knowledge. More than anyone, we know how hard sometimes it may be for a novice to find bearings in the online world and unlock the potential of a personal web project.

So aside from a template that goes with our website builder, we provide our customers with a bunch of additional services to smooth the process if this necessary. On a user demand, MotoCMS can house a website on a hosting, enhance a website design, increase its page speed, review the content for SEO and do much more of other stuff for the good of your online business.

Right now you can take advantage of any offer at special discounted price:

  • Installation – $49 | $19
  • 1 Year Hosting – $49 | $19
  • Pro Support for 1 Month – $49 | $25
  • Logo Creation – $199 | $149
  • Ready-Made Website – $119 | $96
  • eCommerce Plugin – $69 | $49
  • White Label – $19 | $15
  • Page Speed Booster – $19 | $16
  • Visual Content Creation – $47 | $38
  • Facebook (HTML) – $39 | $29
  • SEO Audit – $39 | $34
  • Google AdWords banners – $21 | $19

Found anything interested? Then do not hesitate and add any extra service to your cart, because the sale will last just a few days. Think carefully what service you would like to get and hurry! You have time only until July 20, 2017. Good luck!

Save now on extra services

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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