Experienced Flash/Flex Developers Wanted

MotoCMS Editorial 29 January, 2010


FlashMoto is on the hunt for Flash and Flex developers. We are looking for qualified, motivated and innovative people with a creative mind and a keen understanding of user experience to join our engineering team and work on designing, developing and implementing Flash CMS templates, components, modules and plug-ins for an advanced Flash CMS. Candidates with extensive experience in web development and Adobe Flash are preferred. There are different terms for collaboration. The payment is subject to negotiation.

Requirements / Qualities:

1. For Flash/Flex Developers (components, modules and plug-ins development):
* Must have at least 2 years’ professional programming experience;
* Must have experience using the following technologies: Actionscript 3, Flex, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), AIR;
* Must have an online portfolio with the best examples of your work.

2. For Flash Developers (Flash CMS templates development):
* Must have at least 2 years professional experience;
* Knowledge of: Actionscript 3, Flash CS3 or CS4;
* Animation skills;
* Must have an online portfolio with the best examples of your work.

If you are interested in applying then please email us at support [at] flashmoto.com along with your contact details, your skills and your skill level, any examples of past work and any references you may have. Please include your hourly rate and the desired pay when applying. Make sure you specified the subject: ‘Job Application ‘.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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