Cyber Monday Sale for Cyber Developers

Helen Stark 28 November, 2011

Finally the pre-Christmas sale period has come! You probably started to buy holiday gifts for all your friends, relatives and co-workers. And in this sales time you shouldn’t forget about yourself! This huge discount period will last not too long so you’d better hurry up in order not to miss a chance to buy something just for you.

Cyber Monday Discount from MotoCMS

This Cyber Monday we want to greet you, our dear friends and to present you our special 50% discount on all Flash CMS templates. There are more than 200 Flash templates on the MotoCMS store, so we’re sure that everybody will find there something that is useful and impressive. This Cyber Monday discount is valid on Monday, 28 November, 2011 only. So for the 24 hours of Cyber Mondays you can enjoy the half price Flash templates based on MotoCMS.

To buy the template you like with the 50% discount apply this promo code at checkout:


All these Flash templates were created with a glance at the latest web design and development trends as well as our customers requirements. So you can be sure you’ll find the proper one just for your needs.

Enjoy this Cyber Monday, friends! And break the ground today!

Author: Helen Stark
Being creating content for fashion, beauty, food and tech blogs during last years, Helen has found herself in web design field now. Constantly evolving, she explores new things to impress her readers with high-quality content. Follow Helen on Twitter and Google +.
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