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MotoCMS Editorial 8 January, 2010

We are glad to announce that our partner – – officially starts providing FlashMoto templates customization services.

You no longer need to spend much time and efforts in search of a Flash developer who can transform your FlashMoto template, because Template Tuning offers all kinds of customization services that meet high quality standards. A reliable team of web professionals will help you edit the website animation, color scheme, FlashMoto template layout and any other elements built into the template. You may also order Flash CMS configuration and activation on your server. Another words, at TemplateTuning you will find the biggest choice of solutions to your taste and you can be sure that everything will be completed in the shortest terms.

All you need is to choose any Flash CMS template from our collection, contact TemplateTuning support manager specifying your customization requirements and then monitor the production process. At the end you will get a complete powerful unique website powered by our Flash CMS. The result will definitely meet your expectations.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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