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Bring FlashMoto to Adobe MAX 2009!

MotoCMS Editorial 19 August, 2009

This October all leading designers, developers and industry trend setters will assemble in California to exchange ideas that build the future. Join Adobe MAX 2009 to learn what drives the up-to-date web and what fuels the software revolution today. The participants of MAX 2009 conference will be able to connect with Adobe team experts, discover and discuss emergent technologies and innovative products and derive inspiration felt in the air when thousands of creative minds gather together. This grand event will take place within October 4-7 in Los Angeles.

FlashMoto has a unique chance to be involved in Adobe MAX 2009 event and you can help realize this opportunity. O’Reilly’ InsideRIA is conducting a competition to highlight the best RIAs of 2009. The finalists will be showcased at a special session at MAX 2009 where the InsideRIA team will conduct and in-depth look at each app and manage a Q&A with the development team. FlashMoto project is included to the list of noteworthy applications and you can support us casting your vote here. We are working in the non-stop mode now to launch the final version of FlashMoto CMS and the release is really close! So MAX 2009 is a great opportunity to spread our concept and introduce our fresh released product to the leading industry community. We really hope for your votes and support!

Please cast your vote for FlashMoto and guide us to the Best of RIA 2009 winners.

We will keep you informed about the voting process, stay in touch by checking our blog and subscribing to Project News.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • jR

    Does this mean that Flash Moto will be launched then?

  • James

    Voted for you! )

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