Best RIA of 2009 Champ

MotoCMS Editorial 8 September, 2009

FlashMoto TEAM just wants to say Thank You everyone who voted for us in semi-final of InsideRIA’s the Best RIA of 2009 poll! We received desired number of votes with your help, even though there were some cheaters that disrupted the poll.  So, InsideRIA decided to choose 3 nominees on their own.

Once again, BIG Thank You to everyone who supported us in the InsideRIA’s poll for best RIA 2009. It’s always a good feel to get recognized for your work and see that everyone is as excited about FlahMoto as we are.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Juan

    this is so good is almost unbelievable.!!!

    What a great RIA, is like a dream come true.