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5 Best Design Courses for Students

Merissa Moore 26 February, 2021

Whether you want to become a home designer or establish a brand name in the modern fashion industry, studying and supporting your ideas with a decent knowledge of existing concepts and theories is vital. While it may seem insignificant for some students, it is exactly what helps them to practice things and see what works and what could be done differently. Knowledge is also crucial for the civil engineers who design the roads and all these aspects of daily life that we use all the time. This is why it is always worth exploring the best design course for students that can help them reach new heights and build up a successful career. Here are the 5 best design courses you should consider.

Graphic Design Bootcamp Design Course by Udemy Academy

Although this course will be a perfect fit for beginners, it has high-quality online instruction that will help you learn all the necessary skills related to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign. You can see that out of 13,000 online reviews. This course has 4.5 stars out of five because of excellent tutoring and a price that does not break the bank. It has 15.5 hours of instructional videos that will help to adjust existing reading materials to your particular needs.

This course includes studying how to design your brand logo, typography, and the correct usage of colours. An important aspect of this course is its focus on becoming a marketable graphic designer, which means that you will improve your design skills and learn how to promote them.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

If you want to get serious about the fashion world and learn from the best, the Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the greatest choices for any student. While it is based in New York, you can also study abroad and focus on various art forms and fashion styles worldwide. Undoubtedly, enrolling is not easy since you must write a thesis statement that answers one of their prompts.

Have no worries since you can always approach professional essay services and overcome your writer’s block if you do not know what it should look like. Becoming a student at this institution is a secure start to your professional fashion design career, which is why it is worth considering!

London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, UK

It takes a slightly different approach because it is purely British, focuses on the history of the arts, and approaches the subject through the lens of academics. It means that you will learn to recognize various design methods, see what minimalism is in practice, and master those skills that will help you earn a good salary even if you work as a freelancer with the top names in the industry.

Moreover, by joining this famous college either physically or via available online courses, one can learn about diversity in the workplace and access more excellent career options offered to those who have completed the course. If you would like to learn design by focusing on more than one aspect of life, it is one of the best options to help you work out your unique style and understand what differentiates a skilled designer from an amateur!

School of Arts, Design, and Architecture, Aalto University

Not many people know that Finland is not only famous for its winter tours, metal music, and Kalevala but also for its great school of arts, design,  and architecture that happily accepts students from all over the world. You can check the virtual campus feature to learn about what this university offers or see the list of competitions that are a part of the course and help students remain inspired and focused on the practical side of things as they learn essential concepts and strategies.

It covers many subjects, from Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Fashion to Media Studies and the Study of the World’s Cultures through the lens of design and applicability. It has a great community of students from all over the world, which will help you to cooperate as you participate in various design projects and have some fun being creative!

CGSpectrum’s Introduction to 3D Modeling

The 3D Modeling course has numerous advantages because you can start learning the art of 3D modelling even if you do not have any prior experience or skills. You will also master the Maya software, which is an industry-standard. Since world-class experts in the field mentor the course, you can ask questions and learn based on world-famous projects. It has 1-on-1 small classes where you will have only three students except you.

Even though it will include several writing tasks throughout the course, you should not worry because you can check the Writing Universe and pick some creative ideas and style tips. Since any type of design requires being creative, the trick is to free your mind and think about what you would like to express! Just be yourself, listen to others, and remember that an important aspect of the design is the art of cooperation!

What Design Course Aspects Should I Focus On?

Know your objectives, resources, and applicability as you choose one of the design courses. Such an attitude will help you to see whether a particular course meets your plans. Remember that some courses may have the big names in the list of instructors, yet it does not mean that it is exactly what fits you best. Focus on the list of subjects and the material itself by asking for free samples or video introductions.

Remember to read online testimonials to learn from those who have tried specific offerings and shape your opinion as you make the final choice. As you contact the chosen colleges, ask for scholarship options, special campus features, the presence of a flexible schedule, and career opportunities. Stay open-minded and try multiple schools to let you decide what works for your needs.

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