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MotoCMS Editorial 18 November, 2009

Make 20% commission for each FlashMoto CMS sale!

With the purpose to enlarge our product market FlashMoto Team invites everyone to join our Affiliate program. If you are interested in making money online, joining our affiliate program will be an advantageous offer for you.

As it is known, affiliate marketing as a form of online marketing consists in driving traffic and clients to the main website. So your job is easy to do. Simply refer your visitors to FlashMoto.com via your project link or banner on your website. By clicking on this link on your website your customers are able to get the Flash CMS as a standalone product (licensed on a per-domain basis ) for as low as $199 while you receive the 20% affiliate commission with no efforts made!

Affiliate Program Details:

Ready to join?

Becoming FlashMoto affiliate and using any advertising methods will allow you to greatly maximize your income. You just need to register a free affiliate account at MyTemplateStorage, submit necessary information and wait for approval. After that you will receive the email notification about the status of your submission. When the registration approved, proceed to the Projects page and choose FlashMoto.

Let your customers know about the revolutionary Flash content management system that will change their views on Flash website management and maintenance.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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