Andy Sowards: FlashMoto is a very well designed rich internet application, that serves a very useful purpose.

MotoCMS Editorial 9 February, 2010


“That purpose, is to save you time.”

You know, recently our CMS for Flash has been reviewed by an experienced web developer, graphic designer, programmer and just an amazing guy – Andy Sowards.

Andy, being one of the most in-demand professionals in his sphere and a married father of 3 boys, have found time to give FlashMoto a test-drive. And we greatly appreciate it. In the review Andy shared his opinion on our Flash CMS and suggested what still could be improved. And of course, he was very lavish with praise, what made us definitely glad.

Before starting working with the CMS, Andy didn’t expect much from it. But once he logged into the system, he was very surprised:

“It has a sleek, stylish interface, which was very nice. I quickly realized as well, that everything is clearly labeled, and easily changeable! As you can see, the user interface is fairly simple and straightforward. If you have used Photoshop before (Which I am sure if you read this blog regularly, you have used a time or two lol) or even any WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, or even Microsoft Word, you can probably figure out what is going on just by poking around a bit!”


Andy built a “test site” via FlashMoto and gave examples throughout the post. He covered the main Flash CMS features and described its main functionality and how it could benefit flash developers and end-users. OK, enough talking 🙂 … Here is a link to Andy’s review:

FlashMoto CMS Review – Easiest way to make and manage Flash sites, Ever.

So, we hope this review written by Andy Sowards, will be interesting and useful for you. Thanks much, Andy!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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