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7 Easy and Free Activities for a Remote Work Teambuilding Day or Happy Hour

MotoCMS Editorial 8 August, 2023

Building a strong team in a remote work environment can seem challenging. But fret not! We’ve covered you with eight free activities to turn your typical online gathering into an engaging team-building day or happy-hour. So if you’re ready to boost camaraderie among your co-workers, keep reading as we throw out some ideas for achieving remote work teambuilding.

The Power of Virtual Trivia for Remote Work Teambuilding

Don’t underestimate the power of a good trivia game for team building and fun! In this digital age, gathering your remote team to participate in online trivia can be an engaging social event. You can customize the content based on your team’s interests, from project-related facts to general knowledge questions, all through a virtual platform like Escapely. This activity not only promotes learning but also spurs healthy competition amongst colleagues while boosting camaraderie.

Explore Creativity through Remote Pictionary

The classic drawing and guessing game, Pictionary, translates wonderfully for remote work teambuilding! You can enjoy this fun, free activity without leaving your home office using a digital whiteboard or even common apps like Microsoft’s Paint 3D.

The beauty of this virtual team-building exercise lies in its ability to foster teamwork and communication while giving everyone a platform to showcase their creativity, even if it’s just stuck figures.

Virtual Silent Disco: The Fun Way to Unwind

What better way to relax after a busy workweek than have a virtual silent disco? Invite your team members to this online event where everyone plays their favorite music while dancing in the comfort of their homes.

This activity creates an amusing sight when people are moving and grooving with no background sounds – just pure joy! It not only helps relieve stress but also gives employees an opportunity to share their unique music preferences, creating bonds through shared silliness.

Book Review Bonanza: Boosting Intellectual Connection

A book review session stands out for its intellectual stimulation in team-building activities. Encourage your remote colleagues to share reviews of their favorite reads during an online meeting. With different genres and perspectives shared, it cultivates respect for varied tastes and artistic sensibilities while triggering thought-provoking discussions.

This exercise fosters a deeper connection and broadens everyone’s knowledge base as they get exposed to titles or authors they may never have encountered otherwise.

Words With Friends: A Game That Connects

Remote Work Teambuilding

You should consider playing Words with Friends with your remote colleagues as an alternative to physically sitting across from each other over a board game. This social gaming app works wonders as it gathers everyone for a friendly match of word creation, stimulating thinking and building camaraderie.

What’s more captivating is how the game caters to players of various skill levels through adjustable options. If your team consists of less experienced players, don’t worry, as there are tools available that can help them improve their gameplay. You could recommend they brush up on their skills using a Words with Friends cheat service like before diving into the competition.

This game also fosters communication outside regular work hours, adding fun yet intellectually challenging elements to maintain close-knit employee connections.

‘Show & Tell’: Remotely Sharing Personal Talents

Gone are the days when show-and-tell was just a school activity. In an online setting, it becomes a fantastic opportunity to glimpse into our co-workers’ personal life and hidden talents!

Ask each team member to present something they’re passionate about cooking, gardening, or even juggling. This engaging activity provides amusement and helps develop an appreciation for diversity within the group, fostering stronger connections among colleagues.

Mini Film Festival: Making Memories Through Shared Stories

A mini digital film festival can become an exciting and enjoyable team-building event, especially for cinema lovers. Encourage your remote colleagues to share short films, documentaries, or web series episodes that resonate with them. After each screening, hold a group discussion on the narrative’s themes and its impact on viewers.

This unique platform sparks insightful conversations and offers glimpses of everyone’s tastes in entertainment, serving as another avenue towards building stronger interpersonal relationships within your virtual team.

Remote Work Teambuilding – Final Thoughts

Lastly, if you’re unsure what activities to add to the agenda for your next remote work teambuilding day or casual online get-together, don’t be afraid to come out and ask the participants what they’d enjoy most. It will be all the more effective if they have a stake in the experience.

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