Don’t Miss The Results of 5 Gift Cards Giveaway for MotoCMS Customers

MotoCMS Editorial 27 February, 2017

It is time, to sum up the results of our special contest we initiated at the beginning of February. We are pretty excited about that because giving presents is always a great pleasure.

Remind you that you should have bought any product or service from MotoCMS throughout this month to take part in this giveaway.

Gift Card Giveaway Results

To reveal the lucky winners, we set a list of our customers’ emails and randomized it with a special tool five times in a row. With each new drawing, we singled out one participant – the winner of a previous drawing – to make the process fair and let other people also try their chances.

5th Prize Winner – Vladimir Romanenko

Dear Vladimir, go ahead and enjoy your cup of coffee with something yummy in Starbucks. Bon appetit!

4th Prize Winner – Finn Goldbach

Let the Etsy gift card you won in this contest will bring you something really valuable for your lifestyle.


3rd Prize Winner – Michael K. Cernyar

We hope our next winner is passionate about Apple devices, because the 3th prize allows getting any product on iTunes under $100.


2nd Prize Winner – Leroy Tillman

Mildly speaking, the variety of products on eBay is enormous, allowing any individual to find anything for personal needs easy. We bet Leroy will use his gift card wisely.


1st Prize Winner – Jesus Daniel Soler

Congratulation to the winner of the $200 Amazon gift card! Treat yourself and shop something for yourself, family or business.


The outcome of this giveaway you can see for yourself. Thanks everyone for participation! Don’t be upset if fortune didn’t favor you this time! We promise that there will be more such events in future.

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