Moto CMS Template #36320
MotoCMS Flash Template #36320

Flash Gallery for Widescreen Photos

It is quite understandable that there are some unwritten rules for pictures sizes in digital photo portfolios. However, there are many photographers with numerous large and beautiful photos. So MotoCMS decided to present you this Flash photo gallery for the best displaying of widescreen photos. From now on you can upload images of different resolutions and view them in details with the special zoom tool. A small zoom window is located on the lower right corner of the template and can be easily minimized.

There are also increase and decrease buttons which will help you to take a good look at every picture. It is also possible to print and download images from the gallery. And what is more interesting you can supplement every picture with a description which can be as long or short as you need. Every image description is opened in a separate popup, so you can arrange it at your will.

The template also includes original Background slot which enables you to change background colors manually.

What you get with the purchase

  • Professional Flash MotoCMS Template

  • Built-in
    admin panel

  • Lifetime
    Tech Support

  • Free CMS Updates (within product type)

This Template’s Features:

  • Menu Module
  • News Widget
  • HTML Widget
  • Rich Content Block
  • Advanced Contact Form
  • Media Player Widget
  • Music Player
  • RSS Reader
  • Google Maps
  • Media Thumbnails List
  • Media Gallery Preview
  • Media Gallery Lightbox
  • Share Button Widget
  • Buy Now Button Widget
  • Background Widget
  • PayPal Button


PHP 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4,
Zend Optimizer v3.3 (for PHP 5.2)
or Zend Guard Loader (for PHP 5.3 & 5.4)

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