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¿Cómo un restaurante corriente gana su reputación decente? Un buen servicio está en primer lugar tanto como la comida bien servida y deliciosamente preparada. Plantilla del sitio Web del restaurante adaptable está destinada para ampliar las fronteras de popularidad de su establecimiento de comida.

La plantilla del sitio Web presentada seguramente les hará tener hambre a los visitantes por sus imágenes alucinantes de comida con las cuales están adornadas todas las páginas, incluyendo la página principal que está acentuada con el impresionante dispositivo deslizante que se encuentra debajo del encabezamiento y línea de menú.

Navegando por esta plantilla del sitio Web ningún gastrónomo podrá resistir a visitar su restaurante. Y no se olvide de que las personas también pueden hacen reserva de comida o de mesa visitando su página. El adornamiento de la página hecha en colores blanco y negro alegrará a su ojo mientras que esté visitando la página.

Notas y comentarios de los clientes(14)

Antony Maruda Comprador de la plantilla

I took this theme for an online-delivery food store and quickly developed it into a quality restaurant. The reality is that this theme requires low investments to start and it's great to begin with

Ben Circ Comprador de la plantilla

Best serves . I really like my business. The template I have bought and the website I built are absolutely appropriate for me. Now I have a lot of customers and I can extend the business of all my life. You guys are the best!

Joshua R. Comprador de la plantilla

Start your own project? Easy.. If you are chef and want to begin your own business, this theme would be a good match. I started my own website, where I give advice online to everyone with a need to learn cooking on a professional level. The project goes more than well.

Donald N. Comprador de la plantilla

for a little cafe. It is not necessarily for a fancy restaurant. I got it for a little cafe in suburb. Maybe, the cost would be too high for you. But I have no regrets. You get cool CMS with updates, beautiful template, etc.

Brian P. Comprador de la plantilla

Thanks MotoCMS for this theme. Badass web design for those who open any kind of restaurant. This website saved my family business. I'm sure it will help your enterprise as well.

Annetta Comprador de la plantilla

Best way . Best way to create and manage your website with no trird party.

Victoria J. Comprador de la plantilla

Good for catering. I provide my customers with catering business. Me and them are both satisfied. I like to manage my website on my own and my clients are able to order needed services online.

Emilio Comprador de la plantilla

few hours and it's done. The editing process lasts up to few hours. I learned how the admin panel works in minutes. Good website. Good system.

Lou P. Comprador de la plantilla

I would eat it. Very delicious design that will guarantee you lots of new customers yet in a month. Tested by myself.

Nathen C. Comprador de la plantilla

Good work, MotoCMS. It was even frustrating to remove original photos to replace them with my images. The stock pics are amazing. Though, I kept a few of them. You don't mind, I hope?

Maria B. Comprador de la plantilla

I got it after the trial period. I got it after the trial period. It was enough for me to realize that it was it. I made the whole website for free, don't forget about that choosing this or any template from MotoCMS.

Jessica T. Comprador de la plantilla

Good for any cooking project. I chose this template, because it fits very well to my personal cooking project. First, I had no idea on how to use the admin panel. However, there is a lot of useful info for beginners on MotoCMS website.

Roslyn G. Comprador de la plantilla

my ecommerce website. Added an ecommerce plugin to this theme and now get orders from customers online. The CMS is pretty convenient in management.

Kate Comprador de la plantilla

Mobile version. I didn’t know that this website template has a mobile version, when purchasing. Now my clients are pleased with my restaurant online booking system. They make orders right on their smartphones. Thanks to responsive design my website traffic has been multiplied.


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