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Let`s Create Your Website - Turnkey Packages

Get an up and running website within the shortest terms.
Just choose the design and we will create your quality website quick and easy!

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What Is Included

What Is Included

This is a unique opportunity to launch your website at the lowest price of the year! We want to make website creation hassle-free for you. That`s why, in addition to a huge sitewide sale, you get a free website hosting, professional installation, turnkey customization services, and support.

  • Beautiful niche-specific website
    design 40% off
  • Intuitive admin panel
  • FREE hosting
  • FREE website installation
  • FREE one year SSL certificate
  • Color scheme customization
  • Logo, images, and texts insertion
  • FREE 24/7 support
  • Languages:


  • CMS:

    MotoCMS visual website builder

  • ETA:

    10 days

How it works

Tell us your ideas and choose the design

Within several hours after the purchase, you will get contacted by your personal manager. The manager will help you to choose the best design that corresponds to your business niche and personal preferences from our collection of 2000+ beautiful templates.

Tell us your ideas and choose the design Tell us your ideas and choose the design

We will install and setup the template

After the discussion and specification of details, we will install the template on your domain and hosting. The installation and fine-tune takes up to 6 hours, which means that you can access your website the same or next business day.

Tell us your ideas and choose the design Tell us your ideas and choose the design

Turnkey website customization

We will customize the website`s colors, add your brand logo, images, and texts to the pages you choose. Moreover, we can add custom header and footer menus, links to your social networks, and incorporate other changes to make your website complete. Within this part of the service, you have the right to get 2 revisions.

Turnkey website customization

Enjoy your brand-new website

No extra waiting, no hidden fees, just choose the pack and enjoy your new website!

Enjoy your brand-new website

Turnkey Website Pricing Packages

    One-page website



    Per website
    • 1-page design - 49$29$

    • web hosting - 19$0$

    • one year SSL certificate - 15$0$

    • website installation - 19$0$

    • website customization - 79$70$

    Multipage Website



    Per website
    • 6-13 predesigned pages - 199$119$

    • web hosting - 27$0$

    • one year SSL certificate - 15$0$

    • website installation - 49$0$

    • website customization - 139$130$

Clients Websites

Launch your business website as soon as possible with MotoCMS turnkey website packages

Choose your plan
  • 40% off on any website design

  • Free web hosting

  • free website installation

  • free one year SSL certificate

  • customization services

  • free 24/7 customer support

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