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What Constitutes A ‘Good Website’? Is Yours Up To Scratch?

MotoCMS Editorial 3 August, 2023

Whether you are managing a brand-new start-up and want to build a website from scratch or are in the process of rebranding and wish to renovate yours, understanding the fundamentals of what makes a website ‘good’ is paramount. With that in mind, what constitutes a decent website? Read on, and let’s find out.

What Constitutes a Good Website?

Many elements make up a good website. For example, you could have the most aesthetically stunning design, but it isn’t performing optimally if the content doesn’t meet expectations. Here’s a look at all of the critical elements that make a website genuinely exceptional.

1.      Your Website Meets User Intent with a Clearly Defined Goal

First, you need to understand user intent thoroughly. What does your ideal customer want when they visit your website? What is the ‘ search intent ‘ when they type your chosen focus keywords into Google? What do they hope to achieve when they click on your link? The more understanding you have in this regard, the better you can position the messaging on your website. The best websites serve a clear purpose and resonate with the ideal customer. This SEO agency in Dubai is a prime example of what a clearly defined goal should look like.

2.      Your Website Must Be Technically Sound

To the uninitiated, as long as a website looks good, all is hunky dory. This is not the case. For a website to be classified as quality, it must be technically sound. This means being easily ‘crawlable’, loading quickly, having as few errors as possible, etc. We won’t go into the many technical tasks you need to complete, as that isn’t the primary purpose of this article. However, it is worth looking into immediately if you aren’t quite familiar with what is involved or don’t know who is responsible for the back-end maintenance. You should hire top-notch web development services who can take care of each and every point of the technical part of the website.

3.      The Website Is Safe and Secure

You have a duty of care to ensure that every website visitor is safe and secure when browsing your website – especially when they must enter their details when creating an account or making a purchase. Do you see the little sealed padlock icon next to the URL on this website? That is a clear indication that this very website is safe and secure and that the SSL is in order, etc.

Lock it down!

4.      You Have Well-written, User-focused Content, and a Flawless UX Design

You can learn a lot about the quality of the website and associated business through the content within. Does it speak directly to the audience? Does it acknowledge their needs and provide a clear and viable solution?

The best websites hire gifted sales copywriters to produce SEO-friendly and, more importantly, completely user-focused content. And it’s not just the messaging that’s important, but the UX design. How easy is it to navigate your website? Is the UX copy clear & concise when users click on your navigation menu?

5.      It Must Be Mobile-responsive

Websites that are not responsive and functional on every device (e.g., desktop, mobile, tablet) are not classified as ‘good’ websites – not even close! If a prospective customer finds their way to your website and it does not accommodate the device they are using, the on-page experience will be atrocious. This is a guaranteed way to put your website, and visitors, off and ultimately suffer with less visibility in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages).

Make sure your website is mobile-responsive immediately!


To quickly recap what we’ve learned, the best websites:

  • Meet user expectations.
  • Have a clearly defined goal.
  • They are technically sound.
  • Are safe and secure.
  • Have well-written content.
  • A flawless UX design with easy navigation.
  • A positive on-page experience.
  • Mobile-responsive.

If you can tick all the above boxes off, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a high-quality website that converts those clicks into customers like crazy!

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