Unity 3D – New Reality!

MotoCMS Editorial 24 December, 2008

I’d like to share with you an inspiring software for 3D developers. Unity3D new reality, the future of online game industry!

You could ask what’s so AWESOME in Unity3D? Let me explain or simply show you.
First of all you should install Unity3D player which is only 3Mb, after that you could play unity3D projects. Now we could check the samples.

Dungeonz – Control the Green Ogre around the maze. Simple but really cool animation. What I really like is load time!

Hordes of Orcs – the best online browser Tower Defense game based on Warcraft World. TERRIFIC!

Turret Wars – browser online multilayer game from Sector 3 Games. Choose from FOUR different gun turret types, each with slightly different weapon and armor or projectile features!

Avert Fate – fantastic 3D shooter. Install is so small that you would be amazed of the graphic.

Shadows Demo – web browse preview or the light and dark side of Unity 3D!

Tropical Paradase – Feel the sun on your skin – right inside your browser. Using streaming, this huge scene loads almost instantly.

Big Brains – nice logic game with awesome 3D graphic. If you have a kid give them a try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Unity3D with me. Because it’s really worth your look.
Some cool news for an iPhone owners that you could play all these games at your iPhone.

Tags: flash unity
Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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