Ultimate Business Solution – New Flash CMS Template!

MotoCMS Editorial 18 March, 2010

Here comes a new Flash CMS template, and we are so excited about it! This Flash CMS design from FlashMoto is created in minimalist style and is characterized by the calm color scheme, the absence of cluttered forms and complex navigation, extreme simplicity and lightness. This Flash template uses balls as an outline and looks so creative. Moreover, these menu balls “live” under the laws of Physics: they have different sizes, and when they push each other, they knock together with different force. Impressive, huh?! 🙂



Of course, it goes without saying that each design element is easily customizable via our Flash content management system. For example, you may add as many menu balls as you need and have them paint any color you wish. The ball size depends on the text length inside it. The leading color of the design, the blue one, can also be changed.


By default the menu button text gets visible when you mouse over it. If you want the text to be constantly displayed, just set it up using Flashmoto control panel.
Here is how our Flash website design has been transformed. Now it looks even more attractive than before!


You really should go and download it now! 🙂 If you still need convincing, try the Online Demo to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.

Don’t forget to check our full collection of Flash CMS templates that impress with their site structure, content presentation and unusual approaches.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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