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Top Website Builder: MotoCMS 10th Anniversary Sale

Allison Reed 6 November, 2018

Do you like holidays and great feasts? Do you want to celebrate and congratulate a B-day girl or boy? Then we have some great news in store for you. MotoCMS has turned 10 years! 10 years of self-development, making dreams come true, hard work, and success. When Demetrio Fortman, the founder of MotoCMS, in 2008 came up with the idea of creating templates with the built-in admin panel, nobody believed that project would last for so long. Though here we are, celebrating the 10th anniversary. MotoCMS today is a top website builder with bunches of attractive templates and revolutionary admin panel with blocks.

Top Website Builder MotoCMS Anniversary Sale main image

Meet Top Website Builder from MotoCMS

We have been oriented on our customers. Our team has always thought that our clients are the main aim of everything we do and strive for. We are creative and attain to think out of the box. Our exquisite and tasteful website builder templates are made to give you what you need. They are perfect for everyone – from a video blogger or a beginner photographer to a business owner – to create a perfect website for their needs and to build a strong community around it.

The best website builder from MotoCMS makes creating a website so much easier, as now it is all about drag-and-dropping content blocks, and it truly resembles a kids game. As for the admin panel, it is also completely intuitive and allows everyone to start a website they have always wished for not having any skills or knowledge in programming, developing sites, or web design. At MotoCMS there is no room for complacency. The 10th anniversary is a great time for continuous self-development! Our team is constantly growing something new concerning top website builder we have.

  Top Website Builder: Innovative Features of 2018

We are thinking about brand new projects or ideas on how to make your online life comfier. Our customers have certainly noticed a lot of valuable features added to Moto3 this year. Let us itemize them for you!

Tabs Widget

Tabs Widget Innovative Features 2018

The first innovation, which is very important for all business people is the new “Tabs” widget added to the admin panel. No more mess in all the necessary data! This widget can be used to organize and place a large amount of information on any part of a website. In the newer versions, this widget was also supplemented with handy opportunity to create not only horizontal but also vertical tabs with the appropriate titles positioning. What is more, after two more updates the list of widgets which can be added to Tabs has been so widely extended that now it is hard to find any required widget which you cannot place there. From now on you won’t lose even the tiniest piece of necessary data with this top website builder!

Tile Gallery and Video Backgrounds

Tile Gallery and Video Backgrounds Innovative Features

As you know, most of the people in the world are visuals, so they percept information mostly using sight. We at MotoCMS used this feature for good and paid a lot of attention to improving visuality of your website templates. Surely, our top site builder is pre-destined to serve visuals who don’t want to read dozens of pages trying to understand how to create a successful website. With the help of MotoCMS top website builder, it’s a piece of cake to fill in necessary images and videos, to change the design of a home page or a bright background, or to delete needless elements.

Though we perennially aspire to the ideal! For instance, in one of the updates, Tile Gallery was added to the admin panel. Due to it, you can now create flexible, responsive galleries containing several columns with different image heights. They adjust to the screen size on different devices. By the way, all your website templates are 100% responsive so your visitors will see the same qualitative picture on the screen of every size and resolution! What is more, all alterations thanks to the comprehensive top website builder can be done in a couple of clicks also from any device you want to use!

Besides, Moto 3 gives you a chance to set video backgrounds. One can use different video formats to make cross-browser compatible video background with great content. Isn’t that a great idea for videographers, tour guides, or video bloggers? You see, we at MotoCMS keep up with the times!

Advanced Contact Form as an Addition to the Best Website Builder

Advanced Contact Form Innovative Features

Have you got an online store? Or do you want your visitors to register on the site and contact you without difficulties if they have questions? Then we have something to offer you. One of the greatest supplements to the top website builder – new plugin Advanced Contact Form. This plugin is presented separately and can be purchased as an addition to the whole template’s functionality. It will allow you to make highly detailed forms with an unlimited amount of custom fields, multiple form elements, rules validations, file attachments, and a Google reCAPTCHA.

SEO Sitemap

SEO Sitemap in the Top Website Builder

Are you still endeavoring to make your website more popular among users? There are useful tools for you, too. Firstly, we have an advanced SEO setting which applied properly will significantly influence your search engine ranking. Due to the recent improvements, there is an ability to create and customize the sitemap in the SEO section. It will give search engines a signal about the site structure and page priority. Isn’t that great?

Secondly, if you are a fan of social networks and understand the importance of SMM and digital marketing for your site, no matter a blog or an online store, the best website builder updates concern you. For example, the new Instagram Post widget was later added to the admin panel. Thanks to it you can now display Instagram images and videos on the website pages. Don’t forget that all our website templates are pre-equipped with a handy tool which can connect all your social network accounts to your blog or online store. So, customers will feel comfortable visiting your pages on Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Google Map Pro

Google Map Pro Innovative Features

There is also a new interesting tool – a Google Map Pro widget. Using it, you can not only connect Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers. No more dull location detailing! Your visitors will never forget the way to your office!

PayPal Button

PayPal Button Innovative Features

For the owners of the online store, we have got something more! There is a rich choice of payment methods on the site created on the basis of our top website builder (a manual payment, 2Checkout, PayPal Express, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, QuickPay, and YandexMoney) at your disposal. What is more about our website builder, now all clients can take advantage of the PayPal Button widget because there are two basic button types available. The Buy Now button is suitable for fast payments in the best online stores and other e-commerce projects. The Donate button will be an excellent solution for NGO and charity websites. So, you are free to choose yourself!

Airbnb Apartment and Live Chat Option

Airbnb Apartment and Live Chat Option Innovative Features

As an owner of the website, who decides to use MotoCMS top website builder, there are 2 more things you need to know. Airbnb Apartment widget and chat service “LiveChat”. These are the freshest additions to the bunch of handy stuff we have. If you have ever traveled, then you’ve got an idea what Airbnb is. Presently, with the integration of Airbnb Apartment service, we made it possible to place information about the apartments available for booking on Airbnb and facilitate their search for clients.

A chat service LiveChat is also a very useful improvement. You can now add it to your website. This online service will let you organize live feedback with visitors on the site in no time. There is no need to search for extra tools or to create separate chat rooms. Everything is at arm’s length.

So, here we are, 10 years after the first release with the most convenient and handy updates and additions to the best website builder from Moto which once seemed just a dream! More is yet to come!

Surprise! Surprise!

We solemnize our anniversary! However, MotoCMS has prepared a great present for you, our loyal and new clients! What do you get? You will get up to 45% discount on all templates! The great sale starts on the 6th of November and lasts for 3 days until the 8th of November inclusive. So, don’t waste your time and grab the best deal for the top website builder from MotoCMS! Let’s celebrate together!

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