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3 Tips for Injecting Your Website with Colour

MotoCMS Editorial 3 January, 2023

Colour can be a powerful tool for injecting personality and visual interest into your website. However, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with a cluttered, overwhelming design. This is an incredibly common mistake that most website owners make, and this is why learning how to incorporate colour into your website sparingly is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are a couple of crucial tips that make injecting colour into a website much more accessible. Here are three tips for incorporating colour into your website without overwhelming visitors.

Decide Which Colours Would Go With Your Websites Feel/Atmosphere


First things first, you need to get an idea of what colours would go with your website’s feel/atmosphere. You don’t want to splash a load of colour all over your site and call it a day – this would be a quick way to muddy the image your website is trying to portray. You can take a look at a couple of the best-designed websites on the internet if you want to get some inspiration about what would work well with your site, but just make sure that the site in question gives off a similar atmosphere to what you are going for.

After this, choose a few colours that complement each other and try to imagine how they would look when used throughout your site. You can use a colour wheel to help you pick colours that go well together. Rather than using flat, solid colours, consider using gradients, patterns, and variations in tone to add depth and interest to your design. You can also use different shades of the same colour to create a sense of hierarchy and guide the viewer’s eye through the page.

All of this put together will give you a strong base to work from, and it will allow you to move on to the next step; creating a mock-up of what you would like your site to look like.

Sketch Up An Idea Of What You Would Like The End Result To Look Like

After you have settled on what colours would look good with your website, it’s time to start experimenting. Once again, it’s still important to keep the desired feel/atmosphere in your mind when trying different ideas out – you don’t want to have an incredibly somber feel to a site that offers free casual games.

This can be done through your website editor if they have the necessary tools to make quick edits and changes, but if not, even something as simple as doing a quick drawing or sketch could give you somewhat of an idea of what your site would look like. No matter how good you think your ideas are, it’s always good to do a test run before you actually take to redesigning your site. Trust us – you will thank our way down the line.

Don’t Overdo it

There is one point we cannot stress enough; don’t overdo it. Injecting too much colour into a website is one of the most common website-building mistakes there is, and you are going to be wasting a considerable amount of your time if you do not take heed to this advice. Rather than using colour all over your site, use it sparingly to draw attention to specific elements. For example, you might use a bold colour for your call-to-action buttons or highlight key points in your content.

This can act as a safeguard to ensure that you do not overdo it, as you will be much less likely to drown your website with colour if your main focus is highlighting certain aspects. If you are going to take any points from this article and put them into practice, make sure it’s this one. By following these tips, you can use colour to add vibrancy and personality to your website without overwhelming your visitors. Remember always to consider how the colours you choose will impact your site’s overall look and feel, and be mindful of how they will work with your branding and messaging.

It might seem like a lot of work to add a few colours to your site – but the results will be well worth the effort. Having a well-designed website can increase engagement, improve analytics, and increase traffic, and this is just scratching the surface. Good luck.

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