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6 Tips for Improving Your Business Web Design

MotoCMS Editorial 23 July, 2022

The design of your website can make or break it. Web design isn’t only about how your website looks but also how it functions and how you navigate around it. When you visit a company website, you expect to be able to determine its purpose quickly, easily find the information you are looking for and have a simple layout. If this is not the case with your business website, some web design improvements need to be made, and these are a great place to start.

1.      Have a Business Web Design Plan

In most aspects of business, having a plan is essential, and web design is no different. Before setting out a plan, you need to identify and highlight the areas of your website that are in need of improvement. Once you know where your pitfalls are, you can develop a plan on how to overcome them. Visiting your website from a customer’s point of view is the best place to start so you can experience it as they would and make the appropriate changes.

2.      Use Clear Navigation

Struggling to find your way around a website and locate the information or page you need is a frustrating hassle and definitely not the experience you want to give your customers. A simple and easy navigation bar that directs them to where they need to be is a key element of effective web design.

3.      Calls-to-action

The point of having a business website is to generate customs. When someone visits your website, your business’s desired outcome is converting that visit into a purchase. People are distracted easily, so your web design should guide and point them in the right direction. A CTA encourages an immediate response from the potential customer, using words and links to prompt a certain action: purchasing.

4.      Use Original Images

Using stock images is all well and good, but it can be tacky and unprofessional. Instead, use your own images on your website. This creates a more personal touch, makes your website more memorable, and allows for the image to be shared further on social media platforms.

5.      Mobile Friendly Business Web Design

In this day and age, people are much more likely to be visiting your website on their mobile device rather than on their laptop or computer. This means having a web design that is mobile-friendly is absolutely essential. If you visit a website on your phone and all the formatting is wrong and difficult to use, you will click off it immediately.

6.      Get Professional Business Web Design Guidance

If you are not experienced in designing business websites, the best bet is to hand the task over to someone that knows what they are doing. Enlisting a professional and trustworthy web design company will ensure that your website is entirely foolproof. Having a web design company develop your business website will guarantee running smoothly, looking professional, and generating effective customer interaction.

If you read through these six tips and realized that you are missing out on some key web design elements, it is time to make some improvements to your business website.

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