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The Benefits of Using VPNs for Web Builders and Developers

MotoCMS Editorial 13 September, 2023

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are a mechanism that can create secure connections for internet users. They safeguard the pathway between your device and the websites or services you interact with. Choosing the right VPN providers for privacy is important to safeguard your online activities and personal information, among others.

When choosing a provider, consider long-term plans (which usually come with deep discounts) and find the features that cater to your needs. You should also evaluate features offered by different providers to ensure they align with your specific requirements. If you consider both long-term plans and using VPN features, you can make an informed choice and ensure that the VPN you choose will fulfill your needs.

Benefits of Using VPNs

VPNs provide vital security for web developers

VPNs route your internet connection through a remote proxy server — effectively masking your IP address. This is particularly valuable for web builders and developers, as these people need enhanced security for sensitive client data, as well as proprietary code and confidential information.

This feature is also crucial for businesses. Andrew Gitt from VPNBrains emphasizes this point: “In an era where data protection is paramount, businesses using VPNs not only safeguard their operations but also comply with data protection regulations. This is vital, as non-compliance could result in hefty fines and legal repercussions in the event of a data breach.”

This feature is therefore important for businesses as well, as companies not following data protection rules could face fines and legal action for a data breach. VPN’s main function is also crucial for research. It may help you discover more resources and keep up with industry trends by getting around internet limits. Using VPNs lets developers connect to servers in various countries, giving them access to the tools, resources, or websites they need for their work.

The encryption that VPN offers makes internet connection and data transfer more secure for regular users as well. It keeps online activities private and prevents others, like advertisers and data trackers, from watching your online activities. VPNs also protect you from online dangers like hacking and data leaks, especially on public networks.

VPNs’ Role in Remote Working

After the pandemic, skilled people in various fields prefer companies that allow working from home or similar flexible arrangements. Although such transformations offer more benefits for growth, considering companies are no longer bound to a physical space, they also introduce risks. These risks include cyber attacks, phishing, data breaches, and data privacy.

Amid cybercrime’s rise, the VPN industry has produced more options. VPNs are now easier to access due to increased provider availability and reduced server costs. Users can benefit from many free VPN choices that are available — although there are also risks that come with free VPNs. It is diverse to fit various gadgets, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as browser extensions like Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

VPN applications and browser extensions provide distinct advantages. VPN apps can ensure security and privacy for all the activities on your device, which are particularly beneficial when using non-browser applications or accessing sensitive information.

On the other hand, VPN browser extensions focus on securing your browsing sessions within the specific web browser it is installed on. It is a “lighter” option that mainly protects your online interactions, which is suitable for scenarios if you want to safeguard your browsing activities.

As previously mentioned, in professional scope, they are particularly useful for developers working from a distance or partnering with teams in various places. Using VPNs offers safe access to the company’s network or server resources.

Numerous commercial VPN services provide support for multiple devices as well. It lets your development team connect from various gadgets like laptops, phones, and tablets.

Certain VPNs also provide options such as automated data backup and synchronization. Developers who want to store their code, resources and project files can regularly back up these assets securely since it minimizes the chance of losing data.

Buy or Build Your VPN: Exploring the Considerations

As developers, you might be tempted to create one on your own VPN. Crafting your own VPN provides you more authority over its setup and functioning. You can set it up to match your specific security and performance requirements.

Operating your VPN also removes the need to depend on an external provider. It will reduce the chance of sharing sensitive data with an outside source. However, it would be best to think thoroughly before deciding whether to establish your VPN or buy one for your web development.

Self-hosted VPNs, for instance, usually cannot route your traffic through servers in different countries. It can limit your ability to test websites or access region-specific content. Purchasing a VPN from a reputable provider, on the other hand, offers convenience and simplicity. The risk of a data breach is also generally low when dealing with well-known providers.

In addition, reputable VPN providers offer a variety of server locations worldwide. It will give you a broader range of options to access geo-restricted content than the self-hosted one. It also comes with customer support to assist in case of any issues.

Choosing the Right VPNs

Developers often use the internet for research and resources through their internet service providers (ISPs). However, many public internet plans have data limits that can result in data throttling — where the ISP slows down the speed due to high usage. This can slow down productivity and research efforts.

Therefore, developers need to choose the right VPN to tackle this issue. A reliable VPN can hide the user’s IP and stop ISPs from detecting heavy data use. It will prevent data limits and throttling for extensive research and project work.

Reliable VPNs can also ensure a steady and safe internet connection. These two factors are vital for uninterrupted development tasks, especially during real-time collaborations, video conferences and using cloud-based tools.

Trustworthy VPNs are helpful for testing and ensuring projects’ quality. Developers frequently have to test websites or apps in various parts of the world to ensure they work well. In this regard, using VPNs can mimic different places by linking to servers in other countries. It assists users in spotting and resolving problems tied to delivering content and optimizing content for specific regions.

When working on under-development websites, top-notch VPNs can offer defense against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By routing traffic through a VPN server, developers can, for instance, help mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks on their websites and applications.

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