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How To Incorporate SEO Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

MotoCMS Editorial 22 March, 2022

SEO optimization is when you have one or more people working on your website, but they are all necessarily SEO people. They work with the technical side. Sales are of little interest to them. It is not in their competence. At most, they will give a list of recommendations to improve the usability and technical improvements to the site. You can view this site for details.

So what is SEO marketing? It’s when your site is working with a team of multi-caliber specialists. They have one common goal: to optimize the site to sell. Connected to the project:

  • Project-manager.
  • SEO-specialist.
  • Marketer.
  • Developer.
  • UX-UI designer.

The Critical Goal of Inbound Marketing and SEO

Task #1: Bring in as many “hot” audiences from search engines as possible. To provide conditions for comfortable sales. Or to increase recognition of the company, depending on the goals of optimization. To do this in SEO-marketing strategy, plan to implement the following objectives:

  • bring the target visitors;
  • take the top positions in search results for commercial and informational keywords;
  • reduce the cost of conversion and advertising costs;
  • ensure multi-channel;
  • increase the number of sales and outreach for SEO.

SEO marketing is an investment in long-term results — alternative methods of advertising stop working as soon as they are removed from the “air.” SEO marketing has worked by inertia for a long time. Even if the project for several months, no one was promoted.

Best Practices in SEO-Marketing

Increase Sales with SEO Marketing

How do we not only increase coverage but also increase sales? First, you need to bring the audience interested in your product and offer the most convenient way to perform the target action. The potential buyer opens the first few tabs from search results – and defines among them is our site.

Why SEO marketing uses such tools:

  • managing the reputation of the site on the Internet on the methodology of SERM;
  • levers of internal optimization: screening of untargeted traffic, work on usability, expanding and tuning of functionality, increasing conversion rates;
  • external promotion: placing backlink service from USA on third-party resources to receive targeted traffic and improve website positioning, selection of sites with the target audience, preparation of valuable and engaging content, publishing contracts.

Integrated use of all levers of promotion allows you to increase traffic and efficiency of work with visitors.

What Does SEO-Marketing of a Website Consist of?

It is impossible to predict anything in advance of the site’s promotion. But there are general points on which all rely and due to which SEO-Marketing is the most effective way of advertising on the Internet.

Optimization of the Technical Component

The content and the technical component of each page should be like a search robot. But unfortunately, he can not index even the most valuable and relevant content because of one minor error in the code.

To dispose of a search robot, work through the following technical points:

  • 301 redirections;
  • cyclic links;
  • files robots, sitemap;
  • multi-level headers;
  • short URLs, etc.

To understand all the nuances, you need a basic understanding of programming.

Optimizing Site Substance and Content

In 2022, search engines will focus on quality content and how people read it. So the longer they stay on the site, the more favorable the robot is. Content in SEO Marketing

For content to be helpful, it must be relevant. It should have answers to the questions the user has googled. And for this, content should be provided with optimized keywords, leading to an easily readable structure. Finally, the volume of the article should not be less than that of competitors.

Optimization of External Factors

The more mentions of your site on the Internet, the better the positions. For this purpose, specialists choose popular sites visited daily by thousands of your potential customers. There are placed articles, posts, and comments with links to your resource.

Behavioral Factors

The purpose of SEO inbound marketing is for the potential customer:

  • googling opened our page;
  • did not close it after 2 seconds, considering it uninteresting;
  • studied the content on our resource as long as possible;
  • commented, liked, added to bookmarks – all kinds of activity on the page.

SEO marketing is 50% optimization and 50% of work with content in today’s environment.

Features of SEO-Marketing

SEO marketing is suitable for 99% of companies, regardless of the type of business. Product, service – everything can be sold on the Internet if potential customers come to the site. Features of SEO marketing:

  • Versatility. Suitable for most topics and promotional purposes.
  • Low cost of engagement of one client. SEO-positions sites promote it after a while begins to attract many users from organic – free – extradition, the natural way of googling. Unlike contextual or other advertising, there is no need to pay for each click or view.
  • Maximum quality traffic. Users come to the site from a search – they are already interested in your product. Such visitors bring more conversions.

As with any other method of promotion, inbound marketing SEO is a constant war with the competition for the first place in extradition. Nevertheless, the results obtained in the advertisement continue to work even in the absence of measures.

But if the niche is highly competitive and the other companies do not stop optimizing their resources, your site will begin to be ousted from the first page of extradition. Therefore, it is important to regularly post exciting content and increase the link mass to maintain high traffic figures.

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