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SEO Company Website Templates – What Makes Them a Perfect Choice

MotoCMS Editorial 15 July, 2014

Website Design for SEO Companies

Good search engine optimization takes a huge part in website success. Today SEO companies offer services to almost any business on the web through their own websites. Moto CMS offers various kinds of SEO company website templates that help SEO agencies to keep in touch with their clients and visitors.

Structure and design of SEO agency websites made with marketing website builder are mostly similar to those of business and consulting companies templates. SEO websites are content oriented, so visuals and graphics are mostly simple and clear. However, SEO companies can take the liberty to add colorful sliders that lead to pages with certain information.

In addition, most SEO agencies offer web design services for sites, so bright examples with screenshots of redesigned websites and testimonials of agency’s partners are also represented on a home page. Let’s take a short roundup of general characteristics and peculiarities of SEO templates.

Color Palette of SEO Company Website Templates

Most companies tend to provide a friendly image of the website keeping its visual perception in business and up-market realm at the same time. In that case, the most popular colors for SEO website templates are pastel color palette (dark green, blue, grey) with inclusions of vibrant color accents. Such color palette gives a show of respectability and elitism.

However, sometimes bright and colorful website template is a better choice for young perspective company. The example below presents a website template for SEO agency with vibrant header in bright yellow tone. In combination of the overall grey-toned layout with dark blocks this warm-colored header creates a fresh and energetic website template for search engine optimization company.

SEO Studio Website Template with Yellow Header

SEO Agency Website Structure

SEO websites are mostly content-oriented, so adding content such as photos, videos from seminars, short tutorials, as well as writing good articles is essential. SEO companies know everything on how search engines work, needless to say that content should be unique. Adding more useful content, running corporate blog to show the company’s successful projects and future plans also makes website template of the company more vivid and open to customers.

The next screenshot of the website template of the search engine optimization company gives an example of a properly structured layout. Best works and collaborations of the agency are presented in a central slider. Blocks below the slider offer info about services provided by the company.

SEO Company Website Templates with Image Slider

SEO company website is aimed at communication and collaboration with clients and visitors, so “Contacts” and “About” pages are ones of the essential blocks of the website. These blocks may contain:

  • Contact information (phone numbers, mail, physical address);
  • About Page that provides general information on agency’s services;
  • Map widget with locations of the company’s departments;
  • Info about prices;
  • Call-to-action text.

Such blocks can be presented as separate pages (About Page, Contacts), or to be introduced on Home page like on the template below (“Call Us Now!”).

SEO Company Website Template with Social Plug-Ins

Call-to-action texts, banners, buttons, and informative blocks are one of the most important components for website templates of search engine optimization agencies. It can be “Buy Now” or “Request a Quote” buttons, various free service or trial period offerings. The example of the call-to-action text can be seen also on the screenshot of the above-mentioned bright-yellow website template.

Another example of a well-structured website template is this gorgeous red-colored one. Rich tone creates an image of energy, elegance and elitism while overall clear structure makes the website template easy to navigate. The header contains short logos that play the role of an interactive navigation menu. Welcoming note and skills list on a Home page make the website template extremely useful.

Bright Red SEO Website Template

With a growing part of social media in marketing and website optimization, social plug-ins for website template are essential as well, so it’s better to implement them into the site’s layout. Here are a few more examples of good SEO company’s website templates.

Website Template for SEO Company

Website Template for SEO Company

Grey-Toned SEO Company Website Template

Grey-Toned SEO Company Website Templates

Effective Strategy SEO Company Website Template

Effective Strategy SEO Company Website Templates

Content Oriented SEO Company Website Template

Content Oriented SEO Company Website Templates

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    Play with content in all forms. Be it banner, be it website logo or overall design of a website. A leading SEO company in USA will never hesitate to consult all their strategies with clients so that they remain in loop for every possible changes in websites. Make sure whatever services you provide to your clients are genuine and help them to get business leads. So, in one way the SEO templates will only work when you manage to value them.

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