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Why You Should Prioritize Audio Description in Your Content

MotoCMS Editorial 15 December, 2021

Everyone has a right to access content, be it informative, entertaining, or educational. However, some people have medical or physical conditions that prevent them from enjoying various content. For example, people with visual impairment cannot fully appreciate audio and video content because they cannot see what is on screen. Audio description, sometimes called video description, is another audio track added to the video to describe and contextualize the vital visual information in live performances and recorded media. Providers add the narrations for the benefit of visually impaired or blind individuals. The narrations enable them to understand and appreciate the content.

Audio Description – Definition and Application

The audio description applies to all types of visual media, from movies to live performances, lectures, promotions, marketing campaigns, or videos for corporate training. Equally important is to ensure the accuracy of the audio description, especially if the material is for widespread distribution. Professionals providing audio description services will benefit from using paid audio description software. The application has more features to provide high-quality and accurate audio descriptions. Moreover, you can integrate the software into the various productivity and media tools you use.

Benefits of Audio Description Service

As more students choose online learning, educational institutions provide learning materials in different forms, from written documents to recorded video materials. Online students prefer the flexibility and convenience of acquiring knowledge in their own time. They can study at their own pace, do other things besides sitting for lessons, and access customized materials.

Thus, it becomes imperative that educational content should be available to all students. For example, students with low vision or who are blind have equal access to these materials with audio descriptions. At the same time, audio description benefits other students, such as auditory learners, multi-taskers, and individuals on the autistic spectrum.

  • Audio description provides accessibility. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 12 million Americans age 40 years and over have vision impairment. One million people are blind, and 11 million still have vision impairment, whether their condition was corrected or not.
  • The process offers viewers flexibility as they can listen to the audio descriptions while doing other things.
  • Audio description is specifically helpful in the development of young learners and those with autism. Listening to audio descriptions help individuals with autism understand the social and emotional cues shown through facial expression and actions. Younger children can improve their language skills and increase their vocabulary by listening to audio descriptions.
  • Aside from making your media content accessible, audio descriptions help you to meet the legal compliance requirements. There are existing laws that protect visually challenged individuals, such as the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Final Points

It is often said that you retain information longer when you hear it. It is one of the reasons why you can remember the lyrics of songs, even if you do not understand the language. Thus, audio descriptions benefit both visual and auditory learners. As more video materials for different purposes become available, audio descriptions allow all people with excellent and impaired vision to access media content. In addition, providing audio descriptions will enable you to meet compliance guidelines and support businesses, media, and education requirements.

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