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Online Font Creator: Easy Typography Generating for Flash Websites!

MotoCMS Editorial 30 October, 2009

Yes friends, there is no mistake in the title and we are not kidding. From now you can easily enrich your Flash website with any font you like by means of new powerful tool from FlashMoto.

Online Font Creator is a super handy online application which enables to quickly convert *.ttf and *.otf files to *.swf practically in one click. All you need to do is to choose necessary font file with *.ttf or *.otf extension, add it to the Online Font Creator, click “Create fonts” and in a moment download the ready *.swf file you will then add to your FlashMoto website. This application really facilitates the work with fonts. No installations or Flash software required. It’s like Google for font converters – enter your *.ttf request and get relevant *.swf result immediately.

You can embed converted font files into the website powered by our FlashMoto CMS. Use intuitive Fonts Manager tool to add the font. Soon we will provide an informative tutorial on how to add a font to Flash website that is not controlled via FlashMoto.

We keep trace of modern trends in web design and development and know that typography is something that matters today. Besides, you care about the success of your website – using Online Font Creator in couple with built-in Font Manager you can make your Flash website multilingual and introduce it to web visitors from all over the world.

Elemental in use Online Font Creator is just one of the magic wands we are going to treat our customers to. Our goal is to make Flash website management accessible to everyone, so we constantly work on developing usable and intuitive features.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • math

    it’s not working
    i’m not able to upload my all ttf and compiling also dont work 🙁

  • Mitch

    cooool! it really works! I’ve uploaded compiled fonts to the demo so now I can use any font there! great work guys!

    • Emilio

      how did it work ? mine doesnt even see the new font so i can choose it

  • wow, I have to say, the menus in this flashmoto cms template are slick!:


    Were those made in flashmoto? Really nice.

  • David

    Doesn’t work for me either 🙁
    I think there is a trouble with upload function.

    P.S. Are you going to fix this annoying “Leave a Reply” window, that does not allow you to post a long comment ? Make it stretched and fit the text area.

  • EX Fiend

    umm, guys,
    when is the official release date for flash Moto?

  • I can’t get the font creator to work at all. Won’t load any of the fonts I select.

  • Difort

    @Jaime Cruz

    Please try it once more. We have moved it to another server cause previous one was very unstable.

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