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MotoCMS eCommerce Update: What’s New in 1.2.6

MotoCMS Editorial 24 February, 2017

With MotoCMS, it is incredibly easy to get into eCommerce business and start selling your stuff online. Our website creator combined amazing functionality, allowing a complete rookie in retailing or ardent salesman to boost any for-profit business with no special background in web development or web design.

The original collection of MotoCMS eCommerce templates teems with ready-made websites for creating an eStore for any niche: grocery, clothing, jewelry, sport, floristics, equipment & tools and more. If you have already launched one, read about the latest update to be in the loop of our system enhancement.

The Bugs Were Fixed In

  • product sorting in categories;
  • categories sorting;
  • settings of the parent categories;
  • product categories saving;
  • taxes calculation;
  • the checkout form;
  • product search in the admin panel;
  • tooltip in the admin panel;
  • under construction mode.

New Features Were Added

  • a new widget called Custom Options to set prices for a particular product’s extra services;
  • drag-and-drop functionality for creating categories hierarchy;
  • the possibility to set spacing between the currency symbol and product price.

By the way, for those who have already launched a non-commercial project with MotoCMS and would like to retail goods on own website, you can upgrade your template with an online shop easy. For this reason, there is an eCommerce plugin that you can find among extra services on the checkout. For more information, contact our support team. One of our operators will provide you with all details for less than a few minutes.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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