MotoCMS Customer Interview: Meet Diego Espinosa de Los Monteros

Allison Reed 31 October, 2017

Hi everybody! It’s Allison again and we continue our series with one more inspiring customer interview which I hope you follow with the greatest interest.

As for me, I feel very excited every time I get acquainted with real people from flesh and blood who have succeeded with the help of MotoCMS templates. So today I am happy to introduce you to the handsome guy with an absolutely irresistible smile and an unquenchable thirst for creativity :).

His name is Diego Espinosa de Los Monteros and he is a Co-Founder & CCO at Magnify, an advertising agency in Mexico City.

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Well, I guess it’s high time to wind-up the introduction and get to the meat, the customer interview with Diego.

Allison: Hi, Diego, it’s so nice that you agreed to answer my questions. Let’s start from the traditional one. Please tell me a bit about yourself and your business. Who is your target audience, what do you offer to your customers?

Diego: I own an advertising agency in Mexico City. My main target audience is small businesses and startups that need a simple, fast and responsive website that they can edit themselves.

Allison: I have checked your Instagram and I see some really amazing art designs. Can you tell me a bit more about them and where do you get inspiration?

Diego: As inspiration goes, I never plan what I’m designing. Most of the times I just download an image I like from Shutterstock and I start playing around. That playing around can range from 2 to 10 hours. So I don’t get to do this very often.

SIDE NOTE: Diego is modest, but his works are really worth your attention, so I couldn’t help sharing some of them.


book before


book after


elephant before


elephant art

Allison: Tell me what you like to do in your free time. Maybe you have some interesting hobbies.

Diego: I really like creating those Instagrams you saw. That takes a while, hence I don’t post much, but I find them really interesting to make.

instagram art

Allison: What was your experience level in building websites prior to meeting with the MotoCMS admin panel? Have you used any other systems before?

Diego: I have used Wix, WordPress and many others, but most of them either have a monthly fee or require some sort of programming for them to work properly.

Allison: How did you come up with an idea on creating a website with our company? What benefits did cut a decisive figure?

Diego: I found MotoCMS long time ago, back when only flash templates where a thing. I love the simplicity they provide to creating a website. Plus, their customer support is spectacular.

Allison: What was the last template you bought and why?

Diego: I bought Evolution just a few minutes ago. I’ve been using that template over and over and all websites turn out differently.

Evolution Universal Business Website Theme


More Info

Allison: People love storytelling and real examples. So if you have projects you are proud of – please tell us about them.

Diego: I’ve used around 19 templates already on various projects, a few of them when I used to freelance websites (back when flash was a thing) and most of the recent ones under my newly founded advertising agency called Magnify.

A few of the most recent:,, and my agency’s website This last one I really like as I think I managed to deviate from what MotoCMS templates look like.


Allison: Share a few thoughts on getting your website launched. Was it abstruse for you or vice versa? How much time did it take?

Diego: It’s not hard, although the .htaccess file is missing every time.

Allison: What features in the admin panel would you consider the most useful for the editing of your website?

Diego: I love the addition of copy paste. It’s very useful.

Allison: What would you like to get with MotoCMS in future (features, widgets, plugins, improvements)?

Diego: Lots of things:

  • Video Background option for containers.
  • Photo slider background for containers.
  • Gradient fills in background color options for either containers or rows.
  • A youtube icon in the social media widget.
  • A drop-down menu option in the contact form.
  •  A way to select the alignment of the bullet points (they center to the text instead of pointing to the start of the paragraph).
  • An undo button! You can either save or cancel but most times you screw up just once after performing lots of changes.
  • I would like to have more options for button animations. (I know different templates have different animations but more options inside the same one would be appreciated).
  •  If the page could have a preloader option you could turn on and off, animations would not be jerky the first time they appear. This happens because the template prioritizes the light elements before the heavy animation.
  • Being able to use Latin characters in the Accordion Widget when typing for example menú, the widget form goes crazy.
  • Adding a Quote calculator widget would be amazing. Many clients ask for that. Just being able to select a value from a drop-down and displaying the price range would be awesome.

Allison: Thank you for a really precise list of improvements. I will definitely forward it to our developers, as we are struggling to improve our product every day. To sum up our customer interview, could you please say some good words / give a piece of advice to our readers on how to succeed in the industry and gain success.

Diego: A good advice is not to let your clients know you are using MotoCMS. They will think you are the fastest coder ever and be very pleased with the result. A great advice is to let your clients know you are using it. Get them on board right from the start and sell them the idea of them being able to update their own website without you. They will love that.

Allison: 🙂 I think it’s a brilliant ending of our dialog. Guys & girls I hope you liked this customer interview just like I did. I will try my best to bring you more wonderful insights and personalities like Diego in future.

Final Words

You have read our customer interview and saw with your own eyes that Diego did an amazing job with MotoCMS at hand. And all his accomplished tasks were not exhausting, but sooner enjoyable. I am sure you can do the same too! Stay tuned and feel free to share your story by commenting or dropping me a line.

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