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MotoCMS Customer Interview: Meet Photographer Anna Tim

MotoCMS Editorial 15 June, 2017

MotoCMS customer interview Anna Tim - main image

Hello and welcome to another MotoCMS customer interview. My name is Amie Smart. I am a chief of the MotoCMS editorial. This time we talked to a very lovely lady from NYC. Our heroine is Anna Tim – a young photographer and mom who decided to boost her career online with her catchy website made with MotoCMS. Let us know why.

Amie: Anna, tell me a bit about yourself and your business. Who is your target audience, what do you offer to your customers?

Anna: Hi. My name is Anna Tim and I’m a photographer. I’m making photos of people, emotions, stories. My target audience is people who want to leave a particle of their history in the memory and who fell in love. It might be love to their children, love carried through the years or just the beginning of love story.

MotoCMS customer interview Anna Tim - with daughter

Amie: What was your experience level in building websites prior to meeting with the MotoCMS website builder? Have you used any other systems before?

Anna: My website built with MotoCMS is my first experience in website creating. However, I met MotoCMS website templates earlier and always paid heed to their design, laconism in construction, ease of use. When guys from Moto created my website and showed me the admin panel, I was surprised how easy and accessible for not savvy people it is.

Amie: How did you come up with an idea on creating a website with MotoCMS? What benefits did cut a decisive figure?

Anna: Choosing among dozens of templates I primarily was guided by the attractive design. It’s important that a website beckons and provokes a curiosity. So I wanted to show not all the photos on the main page, but just one, my favorite, the picture of my baby, she’s my talisman.

Anna Tim Photography

MotoCMS customer interview Anna Tim - website

Amie: Share a few thoughts on getting your website launched. Was it abstruse for you or vice versa? How much time did it take?

Anna: My site was launched so fast, my every request has been fulfilled during the following day. I think if I had provided a consultant with all the information right away, the site would have been created in a week.

MotoCMS customer interview Anna Tim - template

(Note: The website template you see above is the original web theme for photographers that Anna picked for her future online project)

Amie: What features in the admin panel would you consider the most useful for the editing of your website?

Anna: The most useful feature for the editing of my website was the possibility to change pictures size from original to huge or vice versa to the smallest one. It allows me to craft my gallery perfectly.

Amie: What would you like to get with MotoCMS in future (features, widgets, plugins, improvements)?

Anna: In the future….even don’t know. My website is the best for me, I’m comfortable with it and don’t want anything to be changed. Thank you, the MotoCMS team for my perfect website!

Amie: Thank you for this interview, Anna. We wish you good luck with your business and your photography website!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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